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Blogging 201 days four-six

Day Four: Get Read All Over
The goal was to make the blog mobile friendly. I’ve already used Appearance > Mobile > “Enable mobile theme”. The preview really doesn’t help it just shows a small window for the phone preview. I have scroll around to see the page. It should have readjusted to fit the screen. And possibly changed to the Minileven theme with a white background. It looks fine on my tablet.
If you are viewing on a smart phone how does the site look?

Day Five: Give them what they want.
Conduct a short and simple stats analysis that will help you create an editorial calendar for the next 30 days. I responded to this in the main thread. After reviewing my stats I finally have chosen my regular features. Now I need to create them. Long work week plus finally decent weather has kept me from making new pictures. We will have a garden this year.

Day Six: Drive Traffic to my Archives
I keep a list of my most popular posts on my about page . I have a similar list on my sidebar that also includes a few of my personal favorites. Today I updated both. There has been a slight change since the start of the year.
I use the top post widget to show off my most liked posts. I make use of the related posts feature as well.

Despicable Me minions

Star Wars : Rebels clip

A clip from Star Wars: Rebels was released at Wondercon today!

Blogging 201

I signed up for wordpress Blogging 201 challenge. It just happened to start on one of my busiest work weeks. So I’m behind.

Day One: set three goals.

I don’t remember if I’ve posted these before but here are my 2014 blog goals and where I am in them.

  1. Each month beat 2013 traffic for the same month.
    For the first three months of the year I have made that goal. I’m trending to make that goal for April as well. I more than doubled my visits for Feb 2014 verses Feb 2013. But last year February was one of my slowest months.
  2. Increase my community by increasing followers and feedback.
    I have gained followers here, on twitter, and tumblr. But I’ve not gotten as much feedback as I had hoped.
  3. Develop a regular feature. I had considered new comic Wednesday, with a new hero theme comic on the day comic books are released or a Mythic Monday feature focusing on Mythic creatures.
    I have still not managed to do this. I am  going to get this done this spring.
  4. Learn more web developement skills.
    I am taking some coding courses now. I have yet to use the new knowledge here but I will soon.


Day Two: Audit my Brand.

Short answer to this I need to streamlined my blog’s look. I want the main blog’s  color scheme and feel to be shared with my social media sites as well. That’s part of the reason I’m taking the coding courses mention above.

Day Three: You got the look.

Test out themes and looks. I’ve tried different themes before. My conclusion was I was happy with my current one. But now that I know more CSS, I will attempt changes.  But I’ve got to get some rest first.



It’s April 15th , You know what that means.

Here’s a little fun make today better.

Tax day april 15 what happens if you don't file.

We’re holding a print sale till April 16th. Save %15 on prints in my online shop Order 2 8x10s and I’ll add a random 4×6 print!

Previous tax day posts

Tax Day D’oh
Darth Vader Tax Collector

Things to make tax day better.

  • Sonic happy hour all day 1/2 drinks and slushes plus they have Teen Titans Go toys.
  • Arby’s Free small curly fries with online coupon.
  • Cinnabon two free Cinnabon bites 6-8 PM
  • Great American Cookies free chocolate chip cookie.
  • Office Depot Free document shredding with coupon.
  • Papa Murphy’s $5 for a large pepperoni pizza
  • Schlotzsky’s  Free small sandwich with purchase of  32Oz drink and chips.

More at USA Today and Deal News

Print sale

Save 15% on prints in the shop till April 16th. Get some new art for your walls!

Print Shop.


Affliate post: Lego Grumpy Uni-kitty, and Benny shirts

At TeeFury  Thursday April 10th only! Nothing is Awesome by griftgfx vs. SPACESHIP! by chocopants. $11 each shipping starts at $3. Nothing is Awesome is offered on slate, sand, and charcoal. Spaceship is offered on charcoal, red, or blue.

the lego movies shirts

If you like these shirts remember to use the links in this post. TeeFury is an affiliate site. Sales made through these links help support this site.

Legolas, LEGO event at Toys R Us, Minions Surprise

Desolation of Smaug

The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug is out on dvd and bluray today. Target has an exclusive Legolas Greenleaf with Accessory Kit with purchase. Be sure to look for the packaging with the mini fig on the cover.15244585_201402200652

Minion Surprise

Target also still have the Minion Surprise blind bags for $2.39. The only one i saw were in the entertainment section next to Despicable me 2 dvd which is on sale for $10 this week.

Walmart has Minion Surprise in the toy section and in the Easter section. I just wish they have a series 2 of the figs. I have all the minions.


Toys R Us event on Saturday


the lego movie build event at toys r us     *Event intended for children ages 5-up. Parental supervision required at all times. All giveaways and event materials available while supplies last and distributed to participating children only. Limit 1 per child. Quantities limited; no rain checks.

Happy Tartan Day

LEGO Bagpiper celebrates Tartan day

Renaissance Faire Pictorial is one of my other sites the blog is here.

Affliate Post Godzilla, Deadpool, and Jon Snow in detention.

Godzilla at  ShirtPunch. “King of the Kaiju” by Chip Skelton Art & Storytelling, “Tacos and Unicorns” by Jml2art, and “I Know Nothing” features Jon Snow at the Springfield elementary blackboard is on shirtpunch Tv. “King of the Kaiju” was offered by one of the other shirt place last year. so if you missed them here’s your chance.

 All three at Shirt Punch and Shirt Punch TV April 6th 2014 for $10 each.





ShirtPunch is an affiliate site and purchasing the shirts via the links on this site helps supports my artwork.

Also newLEGO pic in the AM


Kreons and Minons on sale

Target finally carries the Minion surprise blonds bags. In fact there are on sale this week.  You can also get one free if you purchase the Despicable me dvds.

Despicable Me minions

Walgreen has the KRE-O micro changer Transformer Kreons for $1.99 each if you have the Walgreen’s loyalty card.


It’s saturday so today might be the last day for both sales.


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