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Justice League and Super Hero Girls Now in Happy Meals

The Justice League Action and SuperHero Girls are now in Happy Meals! The Happy has not been updated yet but the store near me had the DC toys tonight.

DC happy Meal toys



Update: The McDonalds near me did not have any signage about special Happy Meal prices on Tuesdays. They may have discontinued the program or just not advertising it like they used too.  Or it could be done at selected locations.

Geek Gathering 2016

The Geek Gathering day two starts at noon. We saw these two yesterday. Who will be there today?

We still have plenty of prints. Come get something to decorate your wall.


Harley Quinn and the Joker at the Geek Garthering


A Heroic Customer!

We had a heroic visitor to the booth.  We just sold “Not the Archer, I’m looking for” to a special guest.

lego black canary give black eye to lego hawkeye


This guy!



Geek Gathering 2016

We’re in Alabama at The Geek Gathering.  Lots of cool stuff and great costumes!


Deadpool and Bombshell Ivy prints are pretty popular.


Geek Gathering 2016

We’re at The Geek Gathering.  Just saw the Penguin!




Justice League and Super Hero Girls in Happy Meals

According to Happy the next happy meal toys feature DC comics. The Justice League Action set features male superheroes and some of their masks. The girls toys are mini dolls and a Wonder Woman tiara, a Super girl hair band, or a Batgirl mask. Unconfirmed reports say these toys will be in the meals beginning September 20. Watch for advertising or in store posters to see when they officially are released.

DC happy Meal toys

The McDonald’s in my area used to have a happy meal special on Tuesday nights. Tuesday from 4pm till 9pm Happy Meals are $1.99. I haven’t been there in a while so check your location to see if they still offer this deal.


I’ll update when I see them in store. Usaully has some online activity to match the toys theme so there could be coloring page or crossword puzzles when the toys come out.

LEGO Princess Event at Toys R US Sat Sept 17 and 24

This September Toys R Us has two LEGO Disney Princess Events. On back to back weekends your child can build Cogsworth and Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast.  There is no pre-registration required, but it is first come first served and only while supplies last.

The events start at noon. There will be tables set up with bins of LEGO bricks. Attendees collect the parts they need then build the set. For a more in depth look read my post about the LEGO Captain America build from August.



Your Thoughts?

Have you ever been to one of these TRU Build events? What did you build?

Will you go to either of these builds?

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SuperHero Stuff Labor Day Sale

It’s Labor day weekend and Superhero stuff is holding a sale. If you can’t make it to Atlanta for the big convention get some cool stuff here. And speaking of comic cons, I’ll be at The Geek Gathering in Alabama in two weeks. IF you are in the Northern Alabama Area come check it out. The Geek Gathering Sept 17 & 18

use code:LABORDAY

Avengers August Day 31

It’s the end of August and the end of August Avengers for this year. I want to reshoot this will the minifigs I’ve added since this version was shot.



In other news I’m near 100,000 blog views! I should hit that benchmark sometime is September.

Your Thoughts?

Who is  your favorite Avenger? Please list them in the comments. What character would you like to see on the blog?

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August Avengers and Lowe’s Hulk Build and Grow

Hulk Build and Grow!

On August 27 we completed the Avengers build and grow series.


This was a fairy quick build. Hulks arm raise when you move a level in his back.



What’s Included in a Build and Grow?

The free kit has a wooden project, instructions with a comic on the back,  a patch of that project, an apron and goggles. You can put your child’s name on the apron and iron on the patches. Then they can wear it the next time.


NEXT PROJECT: The next Build and Grow project is a fireboat. The event is not till September 23. Registration has not opened yet. You can see a grayed out patch of the project on the Build and Grow page.


To attend the event you need to register at Lowe’s Build and Grow. Use the store locator to fins the nearest event. Fill out the form. Then print out the waiver and bring it to with you. Registration for the next event opens Monday after an event.


Ever been?

Have you ever taken your child to one of these events? Will you take them to one?

Home Depot, Toys R US, LEGO Store, and even PetSmart have free kid events. Do you know of other kids events like these?

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