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LEGO Marvel Livestream on Marvel HQ

Marvel HQ has a free LEGO Livestream till Nov 11.

Into the Spiderverse 2

spider-ham standing on the celing

New Trailer! The Rise of Skywalker

LEGO Build Challenge

Me and my son are part of a LEGO group on facebook they are doing a build a day Challenge. Every day they post a new subject and we build a micro build MOC.

  1. All pieces 4 studs or smaller
  2. Can use a plate to stabilize build
  3. No instructions or kits
  4. Post before Deadline

Here’s what we did for the Pumpkin Patch challenge.


I’ll try to post costume party, halloween themed pic s this month. Here’s a Gargoyle. This minifig from from series 14.

LEGO Gargoyle on top of stone lion head.

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Happy Talk like a Pirate Day!

avengers as pirates

talk like a pirate day

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day!
Doctor strange yelling at antman for goofing off. ant-man and dr strange action figures are in an office in front of a full size computer. ant-man is in a lounge chair being lazy.

Summer is over!

Well Summer is almost over just a few more days left.  It’s been a rough one here. so I’ve not been creating as much as I wanted too. Hopefully the fall will be better.

We have two shows in October look for information to be posted soon. In the meantime checkout my print store, Store Envy or if you enjoy the blog buy, me a Kofi at


Sad clown lego minifigure from series 10.

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