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Last Day to order Sgt. Bric.

If you want the Sergeant Bric and Battle mat set today is the last day to place an order. Orders must be postmarked March 31. Jedi Defender was kind enough to post a link to Hasbro’s Certificate page.

And April 30 is that last day to order Rocket firing Boba Fett offer ends April 30. Free Star Wars Boba Fett figure – details at

Fries with that, I would like.

Yoda vs Darth Tater

Look Out Dragon!

Action Figure Empire holds toy drive for a young fan.

Action figure empire is holding a toy drive for a fan with an immune system disease, Severe Aplastic Anemia. They are asking people to send in Star Wars toys that they will forward to Eli.

Full post at The force is strong with him See the replies for more links and information.

Yoda enjoys the cherry blossoms.

Yoda enjoys the cherry blossoms.

Smiling Jedi?


No More Mr Nice Yoda

Yoda with a gun

Tribute to Daredevil 184.

This image and more available as as 8×10 color glossy print($12), 5×7 glossy print($5), greeting card($4), magnet($3), or sticker($2) at

Yoda Racing

Luke Skywalker and Han Solo see who can run faster with a mini Jedi master on their back.

Yoda the Gamer

Yoda and Elkhorn the dwarf

Elkhorn’s character fails his saving throw.

Used in these photos Yoda (cw14), Elkhorn the good dwarf (AD&D), Game table from Millenium Falcon,

The Weapon of a Jedi.

The werewolf of Dagobah

Yoda Rocks

Yoda Rocks

Deadline for mail-aways & action figure sale

It’s march that means it time for final orders of 2010 Hasbro mail away offers.
The Battle mat and Sergeant Bric offer ends March 31. The Rocket firing Boba Fett offer ends April 30. more details

This week Toys R Us has their $7.99 Star Wars figures on sale 2 for 10.99. These are the Clone wars and the Saga Legends. the sale runs till sat March 5. So It’s a good time to buy if you still want to order Sgt Bric or Boba Fett.

The Vintage Collection figure are not included on this offer. The Vintage collections are the ones with the old Kenner style art work.