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Frodo in Lego

LEGO Frodo

Film News: It’s official The Hobbit movie will now be a trilogy. The Hobbit:an unexpected Journey will be released this december. Next year The Hobbit There and Back Again will open and sometime in 2014 the final part will be released current rumor is may be title The Hobbit:Battle of the Five Armies.



It’s Thor’s Day

LEGO Superheroes Thor

Happy Thor’s day.

Lego set 30163


What’s scarier seeing than a hazardous waste suit coming towards you? A hazardous waste suit with a clown inside coming towards you!
hazmat lego clown

Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention

We will be at the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention this November. We’ll have a booth with Yoda Archives prints. In addition to comics, fantasy, and gaming tracks, the Convention will hold a Brick and Heroes track with LEGO Vendors, MOCs, and LEGO stop motion films. More details to follow. Tom Kenny, the voice of Sponge Bob, is the Guest of Honor.
spongebob at Memphis Comic Fanasy con

Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention. Nov 9-11

Wrong Padawan

Wrong Padawan, Master Qui-Gon

qui-gon trains batman

Liam Nesson gets his roles confused. The Dark Knight returns opens tonight. in it he reprise his role as Ra’s al Ghul.

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Coruscant Gothic

Coruscant  Gothic starrin Yoda and Yaddle
Yoda and Yaddle are inspired by Grant Wood’s American Gothic.

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Happy Birthday Harrison Ford!

Happy Birthday Harrison Ford. Indiana Jones locates another rare antiquity.

Indiana Jones locates Han solo

Comic-Con: LEGO Exclusives Revealed – IGN

Comic-Con: LEGO Exclusives Revealed – IGN.

Build Bilbo at Comic-Con!
Comic-con Exclusive mini-figs revealed!

Not only will LEGO be introducing its 2013 lineup of minifigures this year at SDCC, but as an added bonus they will be giving away four LEGO Super Heroes minifigures: Marvel Venom, Marvel Phoenix, DC Shazam and DC Bizarro. There are 1,000 of each minifigure to be given away (4,000 total).

There’s a lot of LEGO News in this article. Including the reaveling a new set we’re all waiting for that should pair up with The Jabba’s Palace set.

Stealing a STAP

The Clockwork Robot is back. After completing his research, the Clockwork Robot is bold enough to steal a STAP(Single Trooper Aerial Platforms) from the Battle droids. The battle droid takes a wild ride on end of a the blaster cannon.

Appearing in this scene The Clockwork Robot mini fig #8827, STAP w/Battle Droid (#30058)

Who is your favorite droid from Star Wars?

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Lord of the Rings Animated LEGO

Make a wish : Course of the Force.

Lucasfilm Ltd., Nerdist Industries, Octagon, and eBay have teamed up to present Course of the Force, a lightsaber relay, where participants will make a journey from Santa Monica to San Diego, with all proceeds from the race and charity auction benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Course of the Force

SIdekick no more.

Robin finally had it with being a sidekick. After bring hit by an embiggen ray and armed he tells the Batman his real feelings.

lego batman 30160

Appearing in Who’s a Sidekick, Lego Robin from McDonald’s Happy Meal(2008), and LEGO Batman 30160.
Robin was a thrift store find bagged with a few other happy meal toys. Batman jetski set is a toy r us exclusive. I’d been looking for him for a while. I was on the far side of town and decided to check out that store. As I was walking towards the store a guy got out of his car. My Colletor sense told me he was another collector. Sure enough I found the LEGO aisle there was the Batman polybagged set. I got one and a momnet later the other guy was there grabbing him a set as well.

The Scene That Started It All

Excellent idea for new combine-able battle-packs. support this on LEGO Cuusoo!

Eurobricks Star Wars Forum Blog

New member samiam391, has posted this excellent idea for new combine-able battle-packs. The idea for them to be modular is a great one, in fact, I’m surprised we haven’t seen something like this before. He’s even used some large pieces to form the walls. Sam has posted his MOC on Cuusoo, support it!

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Next Time on Yoda Archives…….

Next time on Yoda Archives a little hero takes a stand. Come back Friday morning for the newest toy photo.


Happy Independence Day!

Enjoy the Fourth and have a safe and happy holiday.
The Mantis celebrates the fourth of July by posing with Old Glory.
Praying Mantis with the American Flag


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