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Kre-O Kreon Mirco Changers

As I stated yesterday, this past weekend I found the new Transformers KRE-O mini-fig blind bags. They are called Kreon Miro-Changers and have 2 modes robot and beast or vehicle. The figures do not transform like the action figures. You have to take them apart and build the other form. There are only 6 figure in this series which Hasbro calls the Preview Series.

kre-o tranformers

I got a couple figures to check out. I’d seen the KRE-O sets before but this is my first purchase. I got Waspinator and Scorponok.  First impression the legs look weak, and not much painting detail. Most of the parts are molded in color. Both figures had detail on the torso. The paint was covered  up by chest pieces that had to be added to hook accessories on the robot’s back.

closer look at Scorponok without chest piece.

The heads are painted and have some personality. Scorponok has some neat forearms. But the helmets are the best part. They have that classic Transformers look. A little more details and these would be pretty cool. Some of the parts like the helmets are good for customization.

Scorponok in beast mode.


Kre-O Transformers Blind Bags

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