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Follow the map.

lego hobbit, gandalf and potc

featuring LEGO: Indiana Jones, Jack Sparrow, Gandalf (9469), and the map from the Hobbit polybag (30213).

Elrond commands you to get Hobbit tickets

LEGO Elrond from preorder lotr lego game

I was finally able to shot Elrond. This mini-fig came with pre-orders of LEGO:Lord of The Rings, which I have still not had time to play. I’ve shot a few more figures today so more post to follow tomorrow. And Saturday I start posting Star Wars Advent calendar.

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return of LEGO Fairy.

Now you’ll be known as Blackeye!

lego black canary give black eye to lego hawkeye

This strip features two new characters to the site, a custom Black Canary mini-fig and Hawkeye that I bought from Milton train works at MCFC. He’s the figure I alluded to in my Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention post. but I swapped the head for this joke.

I’m still playing with a caption for this one. I don’t know if I need one.

any suggestions? black friday sale

The LEGO shop has started their black friday sale. the star wars Advent calendar is 24.98 or 50% off retail. Many the sw: Alarm clocks are 23.98. The series 7 and 8 mini figs are 1.48. There are other sets on sale.

Stay Home all weekend sale!

Black friday, Small business Saturday, Cyber Monday, I call it my stay home all weekend sale. 20% of Yoda Archives and Ollure Fantasy prints all weekend. visit my store and pick your favorites. I just added the Zombie Fighter, Hulk vs Deadpool, and Magento’s First Job to the store.


and for readers of this blog order two 8x10s and I’ll throw in a free 4×6 print. Just mention this post when you check out, by commenting in paypal’s notes section.

Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention with Bricks & Heroes.

It’s been over a week since the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention. I finally have time to blog on the con. This was the third year of the con but the first time they had a track dedicated to LEGO. This was also the first LEGO event I’ve attended.

We went to sell my toy photography prints. Once we were set up I got to walk around a bit. The first purchase I made was from the Citizen Brick booth. I knew they mini-fig babies so I had to get one to commemorate my son’s birth. I also picked up a zombie heady and a victim torso.

minibaby lego

image via citizen brick

As previously posted in Zombie Invasion and Magneto’s first job, I got a few custom pieces from EclipseGRAFX. The Zombie fighter is one of the coolest things at the show.

EclipseGRAFX mini-figs

I bought a few Mini-figs from Milton Train Works. I got a series 2 life guard, series 8 Santa and another figure from a set that I don’t own. It’ll appear in a future post. With the purchase of the life guard I now have at least one mini-fig from every series but #1

milton train works

one of milton train works displays.

Brickmania toys had some great looking kits. and a Bikini Bottom MOC. The LEGO group was there but as display only they didn’t have products for sale. But they did have a LEGO Batman comic book. It was game trailer in a printed form. brickmania kits

There were also vendors selling various LEGO sets and mini-figures. Since it was part of a comic convention, there were several places selling comic books, toys, t-shirts and geek stuff. There were also some panels, concerts, and short films.

We had a lot of fun and hope to make it back. More pictures on my site,

Coolest costume at the convention.

Magneto’s first job. Secret jobs of villians and heroes #1.

LEGO Magneto comic

This comic uses Magneto from Wolverine’s Chopper showdown set #6866. The soda cans are another find from the EclipseGrafix booth at Memphis Comic & Fantasy Convention. They are Custom LEGO pieces designed and created by eclipseGrafx. The cans are printed pieces and even have a pull tab printed on top.

, Brk Dew, and Brika-cola are available for $2 a pop at EclipseGrafix.

Image is sold as a 4×6 print on e-bay. Larger prints will be available soon.


Well looks like you guys like zombies. The Ready for the Zombies pic went to the top of my most liked posts within hours of being posted. It will be available as a print in the online store soon. I just need to tweak the print a bit more.
I’d like to welcome all the new followers both from the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention and one that have found via other ways. I have finished working on my pics of the convention and will have a post up this weekend. I’m working on another pic with some of my convention purchases.

krusty crab lego
part of the Bikini Bottom MOC by Brickmania.

What other characters would you like to see here? I got a lot of feedback at the convention. which is one of the good things about meeting people at cons. I’m off the road for the winter and will soon be back to regularly posting new photos. what characters, comics, or show would you like to see?

See the sidebar for my current e-bay listings of prints and mini-figs.

Firefox Users: Try the Extension.

Firefox Users: Try the Extension.

Want to receive notifications instantly, even when you’re not on Back in January, we announced the extension for Chrome, and today, the extension is available for Firefox too!

Ready for the zombie invasion.

This is one of my purchases from Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention. I bought it from eclipseGRAFX. They are a reseller of a couple of Brick brands. They also make their own custom accessories and mini-figs. I have more cool stuff to photograph and post. Stay tuned.

LEGO Zombie fighter


Print now for sale on E-bay. coming to online shop soon.

missed a cool brick shirt

Nowhere Bad offered this shirt over the weekend. I missed it because i was at a Memphis comic and fantasy convention and I didn’t check the online shirt places. no where bad tee shirt

I’ll watch and see if it pops up elsewhere.

UPDATE:the shirt and stickers are on

But while I was gone, a Shirt Woot item did arrive. Watch you step is still available at Shirt Woot. Shirt Woot
step on a lego watch your step

home from Bricks and Heroes

I’m home from Bricks and Heroes event at the Memphis Comic and Fantasy convention. I sold a bunch of prints got new LEGO stuff for my collection and met some cool people. full report once I have time to sort pictures.




Send help, there are zombies at the comic convention.


Memphis comic and fantasy con


Bricks and heroes at MCFC!

Advent Calendar

LEGO has reduced the price of the 9509 LEGO® Star Wars™ Advent Calendar both online and at the LEGO Store. retail was $49.99 it is now $39.99. I got one and use VIP points to save more. So check back December 1 to count down to Christmas.

Nute For Newt

It’s election day, someone is still upset that his choice didn’t make it to the ballot.
newt gunray for newt

Catwoman can’t escape!

super spongebob lego
A new comic for next week’s Memphis Comic and Fantasy convention.