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Archive for November 17, 2012


Well looks like you guys like zombies. The Ready for the Zombies pic went to the top of my most liked posts within hours of being posted. It will be available as a print in the online store soon. I just need to tweak the print a bit more.
I’d like to welcome all the new followers both from the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention and one that have found via other ways. I have finished working on my pics of the convention and will have a post up this weekend. I’m working on another pic with some of my convention purchases.

krusty crab lego
part of the Bikini Bottom MOC by Brickmania.

What other characters would you like to see here? I got a lot of feedback at the convention. which is one of the good things about meeting people at cons. I’m off the road for the winter and will soon be back to regularly posting new photos. what characters, comics, or show would you like to see?

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