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Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention with Bricks & Heroes.

It’s been over a week since the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention. I finally have time to blog on the con. This was the third year of the con but the first time they had a track dedicated to LEGO. This was also the first LEGO event I’ve attended.

We went to sell my toy photography prints. Once we were set up I got to walk around a bit. The first purchase I made was from the Citizen Brick booth. I knew they mini-fig babies so I had to get one to commemorate my son’s birth. I also picked up a zombie heady and a victim torso.

minibaby lego

image via citizen brick

As previously posted in Zombie Invasion and Magneto’s first job, I got a few custom pieces from EclipseGRAFX. The Zombie fighter is one of the coolest things at the show.

EclipseGRAFX mini-figs

I bought a few Mini-figs from Milton Train Works. I got a series 2 life guard, series 8 Santa and another figure from a set that I don’t own. It’ll appear in a future post. With the purchase of the life guard I now have at least one mini-fig from every series but #1

milton train works

one of milton train works displays.

Brickmania toys had some great looking kits. and a Bikini Bottom MOC. The LEGO group was there but as display only they didn’t have products for sale. But they did have a LEGO Batman comic book. It was game trailer in a printed form. brickmania kits

There were also vendors selling various LEGO sets and mini-figures. Since it was part of a comic convention, there were several places selling comic books, toys, t-shirts and geek stuff. There were also some panels, concerts, and short films.

We had a lot of fun and hope to make it back. More pictures on my site,

Coolest costume at the convention.