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Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar 2012 * Dec 2

This year, like last year,  LEGO has released a Star Wars Christmas Advent calendar. The Calendar has 234 pieces. Each day there is a new mini ship or mini figure. There’s even an exclusive Santa Darth Maul and another Christmas themed Star Wars mini-fig.


There’s online content as well this year. With each door there is a code enter it on LEGO’s SW calendar page and there’s a small animation of the model. Spoilers though just like on the box you can see hints at the other gifts.


Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar 2012 * Dec 1 Extra

An extra post for today’s advent gift. The Opee Sea Killer returns to the blog to capture a min-ship. I knew I wanted to shot this once I saw the mini ship.

opee sea killer

In a previous post I mentioned that there’s extra online content for the calendar. It’s a code that unlocks a mini animation. I’m already getting searches for advent calendar Lego code so if I get shares on my advent posts I’ll post the advent calendar Lego codes.

Opee Sea killer was seen here in august 2011.

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