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Silence will fall

The Zombie Hunter finds new targets, the Silence from Dr Who.
character building dr who, silence

Zombie Hunter is a custom mini-fig purchased at MCFC from EclipseGRAFX. The Silence are from Character building. Zombie Hunter last seen here.


Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar 2012 * Dec 5

This year, like last year, LEGO has released a Star Wars Christmas Advent calendar. Today’s gift is also from The Phantom Menace, a mini model of a Trade Federation MTT (The Multi-Troop Transport). Super tiny vehicle.

Trade Federation MTT lego

There’s online content as well this year. With each door there is a code enter it on LEGO’s SW calendar page and there’s a small animation of the model. It’s like the item building scenes from the LEGO Star Wars Games. I’m already getting searches for advent calendar Lego code so if I get shares,via the links under this post,  I’ll post the advent calendar Lego codes for those that want to see.

Today’s code is 9515. There’s interaction with a previous build today. In the animation one model attacks the other.