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NPR: Why Legos Are So Expensive — And So Popular


NPR article on LEGO

Lego goes to great lengths to make its pieces really, really well, says David Robertson, who is working on a book about Lego.

Inside every Lego brick, there are three numbers, which identify exactly which mold the brick came from and what position it was in in that mold. That way, if there’s a bad brick somewhere, the company can go back and fix the mold.

follow link for full transcript and audio. also below biggest head scratcher comment of the day.

Lego made almost $3.5 billion in revenue last year. Mega made a tenth of that.

But Mega Bloks may yet gain on Lego.



Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar 2012 * Dec 13

Today’s Advent mini-fig is a Gronk Power droid.

dec 13  advent gronk