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250th post: raeppa idej

This is the 250th post on Yoda Archives. The master Jedi had to make an appearance.

lego zantanna lego yoda This is my first customization of a character. I have built a few MOC character but.this is the first try at making a published character. LEGO Zatanna is built from the parts of various LEGO mini-figures. The legs are borrowed from the Black Canary Figure I purchased online.  The other parts are official LEGO items. On one version of this I had text on the image. She said “raeppa idej” or Jedi appear but I think it slowed down the joke. Yoda said “Fire my agent, I will”.  I think the visual is enough.

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Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar 2012 * Dec 15

Today’s Advent mini-fig is a snowtrooper.

lego snowtrooper