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Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar 2012 * Dec 18

Today’s Advent mini-fig is a Rebel solider. Really neat figure from Star Wars: A New Hope. He’s one of the first characters we see in the entire saga. He has a cool large hat which, like the rebel trooper in Hoth gear, has three visors.



indiegogo for ConNooga Kidz 2013

ConNooga Kidz 2013 | Indiegogo.

ConNooga Kidz 2013

Help us raise funds for guests, activities, and crafts for the 2013 ConNooga Kidz track.

We are entering the 6th year of ConNooga in beautiful Chattanooga, TN.  This multi-genre sci-fi/fantasy/comic/anime/pop culture/etc. con has always tried to have a family-friendly aspect, knowing that geeky parents want to involve their kids in these hobbies.  To this end, the ConNooga Kidz track has fan-related guests and activities specifically for kids under 13.  Each year we have expanded this track and look to do so again in 2013.  We want this to be a mini con-within-a-con, catering to kids growing up with interests in all aspects of fandom.