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LEGO CUUSOO announces summer review.

LEGO CUUSOO has announced the results of their current review. They were reviewing four projects. the results are.

EVE Online Ships – Rifter the LEGO Review Board has decided that this project does not meet the requirements for the business case

The Modular Western Town would conflict with the upcoming Lone Ranger line so it will not be made.

The Legend of Zelda will not be made due to the cost of making news molds for the mini-figs in the games.

But one set did make the cut and passed the review. One of the best film trilogies will be made into LEGO form.

Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine
by m.togami* and Sakuretsu
After analyzing the supporters of the Back to the Future project, we learned that this product has a broad, worldwide appeal. The model presented in this project is built very closely to the LEGO Group’s design standards and has therefore provided a strong base to design the final product. It has a high play value and it fits well with supporters’ price expectations.

For these reasons, the Back to the Future project has passed the LEGO Review, and has been selected for production as the next LEGO CUUSOO set. The final product, pricing, and release dates are still being determined.

I’m really excited about Back to the Future theme. I would have like also had Zelda approved cause it is so popular. New western stuff would be cool as well, I guess they are banking on Lone Ranger to fill that void in the LEGO line.

full review is here

Guess who turned 49 today.

December 21 is the birthday of the Daleks. The Daleks first appeared on DR who on 21 December 1963.

charater building daleks

Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar 2012 * Dec 21

Today’s Advent build is a Super Battle Droid.


There’s online content as well this year. With each door has a code to enter on LEGO’s SW calendar page. There’s a small animation of the model. It’s like the item building scenes from the LEGO Star Wars Games.