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Hobbit Mini-fig included with Target Hobbit dvd/Bluray

Groove Bricks reports that Target will have a Hobbit DVD/blu-ray pack with an exclusive Bilbo Baggins mini-fig. So I know where I’ll buy my Hobbit Blu-Ray set. Now do I wait and buy in store or preorder? The release date is March 19. A week later the Empire Strike Out Dvd will be released with an exclusive Darth Vader mini-fig.

hobbit bluray

Groove Bricks

Also this week Target has a few LEGO sets on sale. The Spider-Man’s Spider-Cycle set, Superman vs. Power Armor Lex Luthor set, Batman Arctic freeze set, and Star Wars AT-RT set are $18.00 each. These sets are usually 19.99. It’s only 10% off but since I was already there so I picked up a set rather than use my LEGO VIP card. There maybe other sets on sale. When I checked the weekly ad online they didn’t show up. But they showed up on a Google shopping search.
I checked Target’s Easter section. Their seasonal polybag is the same as they had for valentine’s day. It is Winzar’ pack patrol from Legends of Chima.

The mini-fig was posted here, Winzar’s Pack Patrol

Updates: The Droid Escape set also shows up as a temporary price cut.

I just got back from Target the temporary price cut sign on the sets said 3/3-3/16 so there’s a little time to grab some of these sets. Now I just need to sell a bunch of prints so I can get these sets and DVDs.

There was a 19.99 LEGO City fire truck for $18.  The Easter section had a Friends polybag and the KRE-O GI Joe figs.

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