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Archive for March 11, 2013

Brick Grimes is Back

Other Tees tee of the day is Brick Grimes by Brinkerhoff. Other Tees Is selling the shirt for the next 48 hours. You may have seen the design before Nowhere bad offered the shirt back in November.
(see Missed a Cool Brick shirt).

Price 7£/8.5€/11$/33zł plus shipping 5$/3.75€/3.1£ to Europe 6$/4.5€/3.75£ to Rest of the World. I’ve ordered from Other Tees before it does take awhile to make it to the US. See their FAQ’s for more information

If you missed Brick Grimes before here’s your chance.

Brick Grimes)

Or you can get it on RedBubble in a choice of colors but at a higher price, $24.54.

Wolverine welcomes the newest X-man

lego wolverine, series 9

I got the Cyclops at ConNooga.  I had the joke written a while ago it just took a while to find the mini-fig. I’ve not seen many series 9 bags in store.

Appearing in this scene: Wolverine from LEGO Super Heroes Wolverine’s Chopper Showdown (6866) and Cyclops of series 9 Mini-figs (71000).