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Legion LEGO mission patch

A cool Star Wars LEGO item I found. I saw it and had to order one.Expect a fuller post on this event in the near future.

LEGO Trooper PatchThe Legion Rose Bowl Parade LEGO Diorama mission patch.
Dave Liew designed the project’s logo and now it’s being done as a  4″ wide fully embroidered patch available for $7 with shipping included, paypal to

You can’t spell “Legion” without “LEGO”!

On January 1, 2007 two hundred members of the 501st Legion were invited by George Lucas to march in the Rose Bowl parade. It was an epic moment to show the world that the Legion can represent the world of Star Wars with pride.

On January 1, 2013 we announced the beginning of the Rose Parade LEGO Diorama Project to gather 200+ LEGO Stormtrooper figures and other assorted figures to recreate that epic scene and have it available to show at massive Legion events (shooting for CVII in 2014!).



An opinion on this you have? Pleased to hear it I will be.

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