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Superman Day part II

Superman 1st appeared in Action Comics #1 on April 18 1938. Which means the Man of Steel is 75 today. This June Superman returns to theaters in The Man Of Steel. I’ll join the celebration by posting pics of some of my Superman toys throughout the day. As I stated earlier Hardee’s and Carl Jr’s will have Superman toys. The toys won’t be available for a few more days but here are some older Superman kids meal toys.

man od steel toys at hardees
From McDonald’s Happy Meals in 1991 Looney Toon Characters as DC Comics Superheroes.

Bugs Bunny as Superbugs.


Bugs Bunny as Superman happy meal toy

Plus more Looney Toon Superhero Mash ups.

Daffy Duck as Batman
Daffy Duck as Batduck.
Petunia Pig as Wonder Pig

and Tazmanian Devil as the Flash.

More information on these at Superman Premiums

Happy Superman Day!


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