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At the Arcade


Affair at the Arcade stars K’nex Super Mario Brother Wii Princess Peach, Mario Cart Mario and , Luigi, and a Pac-man arcade candy tin. It took a while to find a princess peach. I had seen her sold in blister pack earlier. But when I started looking for one in store she was nowhere to be found. I finally saw the Mario bros wii bags. She was easy to id in the bag the dress easy to find. If you want other characters there is a code to determine what’s in the bag. It is based on which number is underlined on the back of the bag. Also this is my first multi panel comic.

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  1. I bought wonna the Pac-Man tins as well (I’m a HUGE Pac-Man fanatic). Do you have other Pac-Man stuff??


    May 4, 2013 at 7:14 am

    • I have an old wind-up Pac-man. I also have a Pac-man plug and play game.


      May 5, 2013 at 10:09 am

  2. tobymacboy

    Yeah I have the PM Bandages and I’ve played the Google game. Here is the nerdily long list of my Pac-Man stuff:
    Pac-Man Stress Ball (sealed)
    Pac-Man Bandages
    Pac-Man sleep shorts in Pac-Man Tin
    1982 Mrs. Pac-Man Wind-Up (Sealed on card and near-mint)
    1982 Pac-Man Poster Coloring Book (no pages colored on but staples were removed)
    2001 Pac-Man LCD Game (Light-Up Version)
    Modern Wind-Up Pac-Man and Ghost
    25 Pac-Man figures (various Pac-Man’s and Ghosts)
    2 Large Light-Up Pac-Man balls (Not sure if they work)
    14 Pac-Man Plush Toys (5 Pac-Man , 9 Ghosts , one of the Pac-Man’s are custom)
    Pac-Man “Bonus Fruit Energy Drink” (in sealed can)
    Lots of Pac-Man and Ghost Candy Tins
    Pac-Man Coffee Mug (In Box)
    2 Atari 2600 Pac-Man Cartridges
    Pac-Mania for SEGA Genesis
    Mrs. Pac-Man for SEGA Genesis
    Pac-Man for SEGA Game Gear
    Pac-Man for GameBoy
    Namco Museum for GameBoy Advance (Has Mrs. Pac-Man)
    Pac-Man Collection for GBA
    Pac-Man Pinball Advance for GBA
    Pac-Man World 3 for XBox
    Pac-Man Party for WII
    Namco Museum Megamix for WII (has multiple Pac-Man games on it and it is Pac-Man themed)
    80’S Pac-Man Lunch Tray
    Pac-Man Hat
    Pac-Man Candy Tin
    Light-Up Sound Making Pac-Man Arcade Game Ornament
    2003 Mrs. Pac-Man TV Game
    2003 Namco TV Game (Has Pac-Man)
    2006 Super Pac-Man TV Game
    Pac-Man: Adventures in Time for PC
    Pac-Man Arcade Tokens from an old Namco Arcade
    And a few LEGO MOC’s

    As far as I know , that’s it. But there may be more……


    May 8, 2013 at 2:21 pm

  3. tobymacboy

    Woops , one of those is supposed to be Pac-Man arcade game tin!


    May 8, 2013 at 2:26 pm