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Article: Lego faces are getting angrier –and that worries some scientists

A few articles on research paper that LEGO faces are getting angrier. A link to the actual paper is in the Raw story quote. It’s not light reading.

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Scientist raises concerns about impact on child development, saying toymakers’ themes are increasingly based on conflict

The number of happy faces on Lego toy mini-figures is decreasing and the number of angry faces is increasing, a robot expert at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand has discovered

Dr Christoph Bartneck – who studied all 6,000 Lego mini-figures – said his findings could give rise to concern about he frowning faces’ impact on child development and the manufacturer appeared to be moving towards more conflict-based themes in its toys.

“But the facial expressions are not directly matched to good and evil. Even the good characters suffer in their struggle and the villains can have a smug expression. In any case, the variety of faces has increased considerably.”
Bartneck will present the paper on his findings [PDF] at the First International Conference on Human-Agent Interaction in Sapporo, Japan, starting on 7 August. –

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