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Despicable Me Minion Blind Bags!

Despicable Me 2 opens in theaters  on July 3. But Despicable Me 2 toys are now in stores. Today I spotted Minion Surprise Blind Bags. The bags are silver and slightly larger than most blind bags. Since they are called Minion Surprise You might think that only minions would be in the bags,  the variety of minions in Despicable Me would make a great basis for their own collection. But there are other characters in the bags.  Gru, Dr Nefario, Agnes, Margo,  Edith, the unicorn plus a few others are also available.

I bought a couple of bags, There are numbers stamped on the bag but they were the same so no help in guessing what’s in the bag. There’s also a card surrounding the figures making it hard to guess by touch. You can see the card here. It’s the same image as on the bag.

Despicable Me minionsOh Hi Carl. wait just a minute and I take your pic. I promise. As You can see my first mini Minion is Carl.

Despicable Me minionsSee Here’s the card. Like I was saying the card image is similar to the bag itself. A list a characters in on the other side. The card opens and the figure rests inside.  You might be able to feel through the card and tell if the figure is short and bulky or thinner.  That won’t tell you which mini is in the bag.  But may help narrow it down. Many of the figs have the same general shape. Gru and Antono  are narrow and the bottom and wider at top. Minions and unicorn are short and squat.

Despicable Me minions

Hi Carl. Just a minute. He’s ready for his close up. The figures come with a small display base.

Despicable Me minionsThere I Told you I’d get to you, Carl. My Other surprise figure was Dr Nefario.  Carl!

Despicable Me minions Here is Carl and Lego Cyclops to show you how big the Surprise minion figures are.

Despicable Me minions lego cyclopsThe Blind bags are $2.99 each and are pretty cool. They are made by think way toys. They were larger Despicable Me figures for $9.99(at Kmart and TRU). Later found at Target for 7.99

I saw the Despica blimp a few weeks ago. Sadly I didn’t have my camera with me.

There are also minion toys in some cereal and at McDonald’s. I forgot what brand of cereal I saw them but they had rings on their heads so they might be zipper pulls for backpacks or key /phone fobs. The surprise bag fig look better than the cereal toys. I need to see the happy meal toys before I make a judgment on those.

psst that was post #400! plus closing in on 20,000 views.

UPDATE: Toys r Us has a 10 pieces set of these for $20. There are 14 shown on the bag so you don’t get them all. Carl is not included in the set. Niether are 3 new characters from the sequel.


9 responses

  1. tobymacboy

    Those are neat looking! I’ve got a UFO Catcher (Japanese Claw Machine) plush of a Minion from when the movie first came out.


    June 22, 2013 at 8:35 am

    • I want to get a few more. They are nice minifigs.


      June 22, 2013 at 11:17 am

      • tobymacboy

        This would make a nice LEGO Theme.


        June 22, 2013 at 11:35 am

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