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The real reason the Death Star was destroyed.

The real reason behind the destruction of the Death Star.

Minions, death star, despicable me 2

Appearing in this scene despicable me 2 Minion Surprise minions; Carl, Stuart, and Tim, plus Power of the Force Death Star.

Update: Someone found this blog by searching “are the despicable me 2 blind bags available at Target?” The answer as far as I can tell in no. At least not yet. An associate tried to help my wife find them there. They checked the despicable me 2 toys, the card end cap and the card and toys at the register. They did not have them. He said if we had the UPC we could scan an see if they were in store. So next time I went to Target I took the barcode from a bag and scanned it and the self scan. The scanner said item not found. So Target does not currently have the blind bags. They do have the action figures and they are cheaper there than at Toys R Us or K-mart. TRU and K-mart are the only place I’ve found the blind bags so far.
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