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Watch “Saving Star Wars” and benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation


In 2004, DAVE (DARTH VADER) PROWSE, filmmaker Gary L. Wood, and the worldwide fan army, the 501st Legion, joined forces to save “Star Wars”. In 2013, it appears they may have succeeded.

To celebrate, and to say Thank You to the 501st who, in addition to “trooping” in their amazing costumes, have always made charity events and fundraising a part of their on-going mission, Dave and WoodWorks Films have made their award-winning, cult hit, “Saving Star Wars” available to stream online and will donate $2 from every viewing to Make-A-Wish in the name of the 501st.

saving Star Wars poster

To sweeten the deal, this offer isn’t just for the over 6000 members of the 501st worldwide. Any viewings of the movie from Labor Day Weekend, August 30 to Sunday, Sept 8, 2013, will generate $2 for Make-A-Wish, so spread the word to family and friends, even Jedi.

Ten years ago, “Saving Star Wars” told the story of two “Star Wars” fans that accidentally kidnapped George Lucas while trying to honor the wish of an ill child. The Wish? To SAVE “Star Wars”….All NINE films we were promised. For the last 10 years it has traveled all over world, including DVDs of the movie hand-delivered to key members of George Lucas’ team. Today, “Star Wars” lives on.

See the little movie that, with the help of Darth Vader and the Bloodfin Garrison of the 501st, may have helped convinced Mr. Lucas to let the sequels be made.

Grab the family and friends this holiday weekend, enjoy the movie that The called “A Must See!” and help Make-A-Wish continue to make dreams come true.

Watch “Saving Star Wars” instantly here:

Autobloks shirt at Tee Fury

Teefury: Limited Edition $11 tees! has another LEGO themed shirt, This time Optimus Prime is building with bricks. I know Transformers building set are made by KRE-O but really he has LEGO bricks. The shirt is available in silver, torquoise, and charcoal.

Available Friday Aug 30 Autobloks by Derin Ciler.

UPDATE: In March 2014 TeeFury Autobloks to their gallery.  Gallery shirts are popular daily shirts that have returned everyday for $18.

Optimus prime plays with legos

Plus they now have Youth sizes! Click the size chart for sizing details.

Tee-fury shirt are $11 and available for 24hrs. Sometimes they extend the shirt for after hours and you can still get it but the price is $14. But the after hours shirts are only available for nine hours then it’s gone.

If you like this shirt remember to use the links in this post. Tee-fury is an affiliate site. Sales made through these links help support my blog. Teefury: Limited Edition $11 tees!

An extremely Unexpected Gathering

Looks like Bilbo Baggins is playing host again.

LEGO unexpected gathering set 79003 bilbo baggings meets the minions

Appearing in this scene Bilbo Baggins at Bag End from LEGO An Unexpected Gathering  #79003 and from Despicable Me 2 Dave and Minion Surprise minions; Carl, Stuart, and Tim.

Renewal time!

Looks like it is renewal time, where did the year go?  If you’ve enjoyed the blog please make a small donation to help support the blog. Button is on the right of side of the blog. If you can’t right now please use the share button and help grow my readership.

DragonCon is this weekend. I’ll won’t be going I’ll be spending most of the time at work. But I’ll try to photograph some more figures this weekend.

thank you!

and here’s one of my previous post raeppa idej was my 250th post back in December.

lego zantanna lego yodaUpdate: new comic post in the morning.

LEGO CUUSOO: Back To The Future

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to post any pics. I changed shifts at work and don’t have as much free time as I want.

Growing up the Back the Future trilogy was one of my favorite series, right behind Star Wars and Indiana Jones. I was really excited when the Back to the Future DeLorean was announced as a LEGO CUUSOO Set. It was the first project that I supported to actually be made into a set.

The Marty McFly and Doc Brown minifigs are well done. The have dual sided heads and back printing on the torso. The instruction booklet is a nice collection piece. There are a few pieces of Lego and BTTF trivia included. One being that the date on the time display is the date that the LEGO patent was granted. I would have preferred the actual dates that appeared onscreen in the first film. There were on only two dates on the time display but I guess that all that would fit and be legible.
bttf_flyingThe build was very detailed. I had a couple times when the parts just did not want to snap. The first movie version was a little bland for my tastes so I made the BTTF3 version. The hood looks a lot better. You can see it here with an old Texaco Hoverport fuel station toy.

bttf_3602M. Togami and Sakuretsu’s designed the set as part of LEGO CUUSOO deal they get one percent of the sales of the set. They have decided to donate their share to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Michael J Fox will be back on television this fall with a new show, The Michael J Fox will air on NBC starting Sept 26.

DeLorean time-machine LEGO. Cuusoo Page

Back to the Future Timelines

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

I find your lack of Bacon Distrubing

Gimmick Tees has a two new shirts this week.
I FIND YOUR LACK OF BACON DISTURBING, celebrates our love for all things bacon in as Star Wars-y a way as possible.


TIME FOR SCIENCE! is dedicated to those folks that entertain, educate, and sometimes blow things up… for science! Seven of our favorite edutainers adorn this design…Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman, Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Paul Zaloom (Beakman), Kari Byron, and Bill Nye.Both tees are available on BLACK tees.



Men’s Crew neck, women’s Tee, women’s scoop neck, women’s tank top and women’s v-neck. Prices start at 15.99 and include shipping and tracking. I get a little piece of each sale made through the Gimmick Tees it helps me run the blog.

Brick Fortress Mini Legs update.

Back in April I posted about the Brick Fortress Mini-acton Legs, These Mini Legs are made for walking. At the time they were running a poll for the next mini leg color. The have closed the voting and hopefully soon we will know the new color. I’m still hoping for dark brown so I can use them with Frodo and Sam. I now have the unexpected Gathering set (#79003) so I’ll be ordering more legs soon.

rear view of mini action legs, Dwarf with reddish-brown, Yoda w/tan, Frodo in normal, and Bilbo with dark blue.

rear view: Dwarf w/ reddish brown, Yoda w/tan, Frodo in normal, and Bildo w/ dk blue.

The polls for voting on the next color for articulated mini-legs are officially closed! Sorry it’s taken so long, we extended the voting period to give more people a chance to vote.
We are counting up the votes now and should have the final count in a day or so.
We would like to thank all of you that participated.

Thank you,

Brick Fortress

LEGO IT Crowd group Tee-Shirt at Yetee

Chris McVeigh has two LEGO minifig shirt on the Yetee today. The mini crowd and A Real mini hero.which is a collaboration with Mike Handy. The shirt start at $11. Mini Crowd is available on chocolate or charcoal. A real mini Hero is offered on black or Navy.

it crowd lego shirt build shirt

Minion shirt!

Gimmick Tees has a Minion shirt this week.  I get a little piece of each sale made through the Gimmick Tees it helps me run the blog. Their other design this week is a Firefly inspired shirt.

firefly shirt BROWNCOAT MOCKUP

Men’s Crew neck, women’s Tee, women’s scoop neck, women’s tank top and women’s v-neck. Prices start at 15.99 and include shipping and tracking.



Welcome my first affiliate

I now have an affiliate deal with Gimmick Tees. Last week they had the LEGO Flesh wound shirt this week they have Giant Robot and Cylon themed shirts. I get a little piece of each sale made through the link attached to the Gimmick Tees Logo.



New record

My site stats reveal that July was a record month for readership. The old record was for December last year while I was blogging the LEGO Star Wars advent calendar. The new record in visitors and views was due to Despicable me minion traffic.
August has started off strong with views on the LEGO Back to the Future set.
Welcome to all my new followers. Please feel free to comment and give feedback.

The Next Doctor….

Spoilers: the next Doctor has been revealed by the BBC.


The Next Doctor….

Spoilers: the next Doctor has been revealed by the BBC.

12th doctor reveled

Need a lift?

McFly meets another Dr.

Deloreandr who marty mcfly

LEGO CUUSOO: Back to the Future!

The 4th LEGO CUUSOO Set is mow at your local LEGO Store. I bought the DeLorean Back to the Future set early this morning. I’ll add a review eventually. The figs look great. The build was a bit harder than expected. But a nice set.


Back to the future lego delorean