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Coming soon,

Next month, what is Robot Tober? Something new for the blog begins tomorrow. Stayed tuned.



A Shiny Tee

Gimmick Tees has  a Firefly shirt and a Breaking Bad shirt this week. I get a little piece of each sale made through the Gimmick Tees it helps me run the blog.


shiny firefly shirt


wheOur second parody design is SHINY, a cool Firefly/Serenity version of the nike logo. One scientifically proven fact is that you can never have too many Whedonverse-inspired tee shirts.

Available on BROWN and BLACK tees for men’s and women’s regular shirts and BLACK only on women’s scoop and tanks.

breaking bad shirt

Men’s Crew neck, women’s Tee, women’s scoop neck, women’s tank top and women’s v-neck. Prices start at 15.99 and include shipping and tracking.