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Robot Tober Day Twenty

Remember when you use to swap items in the lunchroom? The clock work robot and a minion trade for their favorites items.
minions want bannana lego robot

Stars: clock work robot and surprise minion

Robot Tober Day Eightteen the lost post!

It’s still Robottober. Today’s post is a Yoda Archives classic, meaning it appeared on this blog back in 2011. It’s Gaiking from the Shogun Warriors.

Yoda finds a new weapon to fight the droid army, Gaiking.

Why is it the lost post? I posted it late on the 18th. But just found it in my drafts meaning it has not been posted to the blog but. It showed up on my social media site which are connected to the wordpress blog. I use Publish to send post to Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. The pic is there but it wasn’t posted here.