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Archive for October 23, 2013


LEGO has announced the newest LEGO CUUSOO review results. Full results here.

They have made decisions on the projects for the past three review periods. The good news id the next LEGO CUUSSO set is the Exo Suit. I’m a big fan of Mechs and this even ties in with my current Robottober event. So I’m happy for this set. It should be out something in 2014.
The bad news is no Portals or Zelda Projects. The Land Rover set is still under review so maybe it’ll get built. It’s a nice model but not one I’m interested in buying.

The Exo-suit

Robot Tober Day Twenty-three

Today toy is the Kreon version of Sunstorm. He’s from the preview KRE-O Micro changers series. The Micro changers let you build either the robot or vehicle version of the characters.