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Year end review. Tale of the K-mart Medusa

This tail begins back on April 23 when I spotted the Series 10 blind bags in K-mart A full week before the release date. I blogged on it then but there’s more to the story. Here’s a recap.

I was running errands today. I stopped at the nearest K-mart for some 2 liter drinks. Eventually I made it to the toy section. I checked the LEGO aisle and saw blind bags. It took a second to realize these were series 10 bags. I tried to remember what was in the series so I would know what parts to feel for. I try a few bags and found a Medusa and a black and white clown. Plus a mystery one. I checked price on the self-scan, $2.99.

I waited in line for an extremely long time. There’s only one register running. When I finally get there the cashier scans the bag, she scans it again then just walks away. She talks to another employee and comes back. “Can’t sell them, look.” she scans it and the screen says BEFORE SALES DATE. “It doesn’t say when we can sell.” She pushes them across the counter and says maybe customer service can help.

I go over there tell the customer service associate about it and that they scan at the price check kiosk. She looks for paperwork with a date finds nothing, Pages the toy department. Says she can’t sell but she’ll see if they know the date. She calls again. Someone finally shows scans it and says they can’t sell till May 1st.

LEGO minifig Medusa series 10

So I almost had a Medusa. It was easy to feel in the bag. I just hope I can find it on the first. I never saw series 9 at this store at all. I can’t blame the cashiers they have to hold to the Hold off floor date but man, so close to a scoop for the blog.

   The Saga continues.

A few days later I’m reviewing my bank account. There’s a charge from K-mart on it. I didn’t but anything that day so there’s no reason for the charge. Then I remembered I slid my card when The cashier started scanning. She never ended the transaction so I was paid $21.00 for whatever the next customer bought.

The only proof I had, was my bank statement. I knew from my retail past you can get better service if you are nice and have full details. I printed the relevant info from my bank account. I drove back to K-mart and talked to customer service. They called a manager. She was interviewing a job seeker. while waiting I checked to see if the minifigs were still on the salesfloor. No they had put them back. So I waited. The manager arrived. I gave her my story and was able to tell her the time and register I was at. She asked if she could have a copy of my paper. I told her she could. She said it could take a couple of days to research. and she would call me.

A couple of days passed and no call. Since it’s on the way home I stopped by. I waited a longer time. The CS person even told the manager that I was waiting patiently.  Another manager came by and said they we looking in to it. Finally the store manager come out says they checked the cameras. Saw me slid my card then walked to customer service. But I needed to wait and see if the payment actually hit my bank. The copy I gave her said pending. If it hits the bank we will refund it.  I checked the bank when I get home the $21 has been deducted from the account. It’s the weekend so I wait till Monday.


Monday I take the updated statement back and wait another twenty minutes. Finally a customer service member brings me a refund slip to sign showing I’ve been refunded. I finally got money back.

A few days later it’s the first and I run to Toys R US at lunch. I searched for a Medusa but didn’t find one. I didn’t want to spend any time or money at K-mart So I don’t check there. I finally find a Medusa at Target a day or two later. But I really want that Medusa I was denied. I stop there a few days after the first still no figs out. A week or so goes by I’m still collecting series 10. I stop there on a mission. I spent so much time here waiting in line that going to find it. But I don’t want to give that store any extra money so I’m buying, Nothing but THAT Medusa. The figs have finally been put on the floor. The box looks fairy untouched. A few minutes of searching and I finally I find the K-mart Medusa. This time I get through the check out without incident.
I’ve only been to that store a few times since then. I rescued a second Medusa from there.


Minion Surprise At Walmart.

Today for the first time, I spotted Minion Surprise blind bags at Wal-Mart. Until now I’ve only seen them at K-mart or Toys R Us.  Wal-Mart had boxes of them. Of course by now I have all the minions. So it’s not as a big deal as if they had them back in July. But I figured some Minions fans might still be looking. I still need a purple minion and fluffy.
Despicable Me minions
I never found any codes for them. There is a card wrapped each figure.If you can push the figure part way out of the card, you can feel part of the figure.
Look on the back of a bag to see what body parts protrude from each character. Feel for a hand or foot sticking, or maybe a tuff of hair. Tim has a small tuff of hair and a cylindrical body. Dave and Tom’s hands stick out a bit. You can look at the pics and eliminate some of the figures. But a lot of it is guess work.

Minions meet my little pony

Minion collectors do you have any tip for determining what is in the bag?

Year in Review: Stats coming

I just got the year in review stats for one of my other blogs. Hopefully I’ll get the one for Yodaarchives soon. I know I’m about 80 views from a new visit milestone for me. If the blog is busy today It’ll end the year on a high note.


Thank you

Year In Review. Favorite Minis

My favorite mini figures of the year.

#10 Despicable Me Surprise Minion Blind bags
#9 Tin Solder from Character Encyclopedia
#8 Red Harrington Stage Coach Escape
#7 Series 11 Scarecrow
#6 Bilbo from the Hobbit DVD set.
#5 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
#4 Marty McFly
#3 Series 9 Cyclops
#2 Series 11 Yeti

lego yeti series 11 minifig keep frozen

and my favorite of the year.

Series 10 Medusa

LEGO minifig Medusa series 10

Year end Review: Favorite Builds

It is the end of the year so here’s a quick look and my favorite builds of the year.

LEGO Cuusoo Back to Future DeLorean.

This is the first Cuusoo project I supported that was made into a set. I got it the day it was released. There were a couple problems with the build but it’s an great set. The minifigs are well done with a layered looked to the clothes.

bttf_flying bttf2_21103   My Favorite set of the year The Hobbit: An Unexpected Gathering (79003). The set was released at the end of 2012 but I didn’t get it till 2013. It was the first of The Hobbit sets and still my favorite. It’s Bagend the home of Bilbo Baggins. The set did not disappoint. Bag End is a Beautiful build.

LEGO unexpected gathering set 79003 bilbo baggings meets the minions

I plan to do a list of my favorite minifigs of 2013 plus finish the tale of the K-mart Medusa. I’m also sure wordpress will send me my year end stats soon. I’ll add my thoughts about those too. It’s been a busy year for the blog featuring LEGO, Star Wars, and Minions.  Dec 2013 has been the busy month ever for the blog.A new record for views and just a couple days to see how far we can push that record.

Thank you all for the great year.

Judoon platoon under the tree.

“Judoon platoon upon the moon.”


One of my Christmas gifts.

Doctor who: Strax Field Report

Doctor who: Strax Field Report the Doctor has regenerated.


I promised a new pic if the site beat the previous record for most views in a month. We made the new record on Christmas eve. So here’s what the Trooper got his little trooper from Christmas.


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.



Dec 24 2013 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

You better watch out Santa Jango Fett is coming to town! There is nice torso printing on this one. The Mandalorian looks great in red with a little white collar and some holly. The helmet is still in Jango’s colors not red so you know it’s Jango and not Boba.
Why would they make that distinction? Did they just leave a hint as to how Santa travels the world in one night? and why you see Santas in every mall? Is Santa the genetic material for a clone army? Is that how he gets elves?

santa jango fett minifig

2013 Star Wars LEGO Christmas Advent Calendar * Recap

A quick review of the 2013 Star Wars Advent Calendar (75023).


  1. R5-F7 (Dec 1) (ANH)
  2. Endor Rebel (Dec 6) (RTJ)
  3. Clone Trooper (Dec 10) (ATC)
  4. Battle Droid (Dec 13) (ATC)
  5. Geonosian (Dec 15) (ATC)
  6. Biker Scout  (Dec 18) (RTJ)
  7. Young Boba Fett (Dec 22) (ATC)
  8. Santa Jango Fett (Dec 24) (ATC)


  1. Count Dooku’s solar sailor (Dec 2) (ATC)
  2. Zam Wesell’s Ship  (Dec 4) (ATC)
  3. Cloud Car (Dec 5) (ESB)
  4. Republic Gunship (Dec 8) (ATC)
  5. Republic Attack Ship (Dec 9) (ATC)
  6. AT-TE (Dec 11) (ATC)
  7. Drop Ship(Dec 12) (ATC)
  8. Geonosian Ship(Dec 14) (ATC)
  9. Padmé’s Naboo Star Skiff (Dec 17) (ATC)
  10. Separatist Shuttle (Dec 19) (ATC)
  11. Jedi Starfighter (Dec 20)(ATC)
  12. Slave-1 (Dec  21)(ATC)
  13. Santa Fett Sleigh (Dec 23)


  1. FA-4 (Count Dooku’s pilot droid)(Dec 3) (ATC)
  2. Weapons Rack(Dec 7)
  3. Accessory pack (Dec 16) (ATC)

Brick pedia entry for #75023 2013 star Wars advent calendar

(TPM) the Phantom Menace
(ATC) Attack of the Clones
(ROS) Return of the Sith
(ANH) Star Wars:A New Hope
(ESB) The Empire Strikes back
(RTJ) Return of the Jedi

My favorites were the AT-TE, Biker Scout, Santa Jango Fett,  Zam Wesell’s Ship, Slave 1, and the sleigh. Least favorite was the Solar sailor.  A couple of ships were hard to id. Dooku’s ship was even pictured sideways on the box. Plus too much Prequel builds for me. But overall another fun advent calendar. I kind of wish this was out last year. I went to a con that had the actors that played Jango Fett and Young Boba Fett. It would have been cool to have them sign a pic of their mini figs.

What Christmas theme minifig would you like to see in 2014? I like to see Queen Amidala from set #9499 Gungan Sub as a Christmas tree.  Or back to the Original Trilogy and an Empire Strikes Back theme with Santa Solo in red Hoth gear. Plus a Miss Santa Leia. Or Maybe a Snow Droid C3-PO or Gift wrapped Han Solo in Carbonite with a bow

What was your favorite? What was you least favorite?

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes expansions

Downloadable Expansion packs for LEGO Marvel SuperHeroes online now. Available for X-box and Ps4. Read about it here

Asgard Pack, $1.99: The characters from Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World are now in LEGO form! Wreak havoc as the vengeful Malekith and the villainous Big LEGO Figure, Kurse. Play as the shield-maiden of Asgard, Sif, and Thor’s Earthly love interest, Jane Foster. Defend the Universe with Odin and the Warriors Three: Volstagg, Hogun, and Fandral.
Super Pack, $4.99: Get ready for brick-smashing action with more Super Heroes and Super Villains, plus new vehicles and races. Play as fan favorites Dark Phoenix, Winter Soldier, Symbiote Spider-Man, Hawkeye, Falcon, and Beta Ray Bill. Leave more damage with Big LEGO Figures Thanos and A-Bomb, and speed through 10 new races aboard the Spider-Mobile and Hawkeye’s Sky Cycle.

Dec 23 2013 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

Today’s advent calendar build is Santa Jango Fett’s Sleigh. This is a really nice mini build. It’s one of my favorites from the calendar. That’s big considering I’m such a Star wars fan. It was easy to build and includes Jango’s Jet pack. Tomorrow Santa Jango Fett Arrives.

lego sleigh

LEGO Minifigure gift tags from DK Books.

DK books posted free LEGO Minifigure gifts tag you can print and use to address your gifts. Visit DK US to print these tags featuring Santa, The Toy solider, Clockwork robot, and Santa Yoda from the 2011 Advent Calendar.

santa yoda

DK book publishes all those the great LEGO books. Enjoy this Christmas bonus from them.


Dec 22 2013 LEGO Star Wars Advent calendar

It’s just days away from Christmas. Today’s  advent calendar mini-fig is  young Boba Fett. Soon his dad will arrive.

lego boba fett

It is Sunday which means new content for the online game. The advent calendar code for December 22 is  Y12C34 and unlocks a surprise character for the game. Click here for the game.

In blog news this December is now my third highest trafficked month ever.  It might become second before Christmas. If it does I’ll post a special holiday image.

Dec 21 2013 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

Today’s advent calendar build is Jango Fett’s Slave-1. This ship appeared in the 2011 calendar but with the color scheme that appeared when Boba Fett piloted  it in The Empire Strikes back. Another reuse of a Ship but this time it is a cool ship and I really don’t think you could make a Jango Fett focused calendar without making his ship.

advent_dec21Comparison of the Boba Fett And Jango Fett versions. The color scheme is different. And a few of the bricks have been changed. Boba’s version(in the foreground) has a gray slope in the cockpit while Jango’s has two clear pieces. Boba’s version has solid tan wings while Jango’s are white and slotted.

slave-1 lego shipI have several toy versions of this ship. This is my fourth version in LEGO form.  Two are not pictured here one is minifig scale, the other is a miniship. It was part of a set with Obi-wan’s Jedi starfighter back in the early LEGO star wars days.

See what Han and Chewie thought of Boba’s Ship back in 2011.

I won a Welder

I won, I won.  Minifig Odyssey held a random draw and I won a Series 11 Welder. It is a cool fig that I had not found yet. The mask is a great piece and the tank is a great accessory as well. Be sure to visit and follow Minifig Odyssey.

Thank you Minifig Odyssey!

Welder guy from lego minifigures series 11

Dec 20 2013 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

Today’s advent calendar build is a Obi-wan’s Jedi Star Fighter. It’s a cool ship. advent_dec20

THE LEGO Movie Minifigs

I found the LEGO Movie minifigs.And unlike the K-mart Medusa I was able to purchase these. There have been spotting of lego movie figs in Target. But I found these at Toys R Us. I got two and used my rewards points.

Panda suit guy is pretty cool. You can id him by feeling for the large head. It’s a sphere with little bumps for ears.

THE LEGO movie mini figures lego-movie-mermaid
Mermaid is found by the tail.

Dec 19 2013 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

Today’s  advent calendar build is a Separatist Shuttle. No Bike for yesterday’s Biker scout.

lego star wars shuttle


LEGO didn’t give him a bike so, the Biker went and found a bike himself.biker_scout

Dec 18 2013 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

Today’s  advent calendar mini-fig is a Bike Scout. Finally more Return of the Jedi love. I love the mini helmets on all the LEGO figs they make the figure. I could only hope that tomorrow would be a wee mini bike for him. I’m pretty sure it’s not. I don’t recall seeing one on the cover.

biker scout

There are reports of the LEGO Movie mini figs being spotted at Targets. I have seen any but my Target does have two boxes of series nine minifigs. I still need a chicken suit guy. But I wasn’t fighting the crowds for one fig they  didn’t have the items I needed to finish my Christmas shopping.

Radio station is Giving Away LEGOLAND Snow Day Tickets!

In California? Win LEGOland snow day tickets from a local radio station.

Dec 17 2013 LEGO Star Wars Advent calendar

Today’s  advent calendar build in another prequel ship.


If you are blogging any of the LEGO calendars CITY, Star Wars, or Friends, please leave a link in the comments.

LEGO The Hobbit trailer

A trailer for LEGO The Hobbit video game to be released next year.