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Another reason to be a VIP member

LEGO group just sent me an email with my current VIP account balance. As a bonus they included links to all of this years monthly builds. Usually these instructions are only posted during the same month as the build is in store. Sometimes you can find them online but now I don’t have to look.

Friday the 13th sale.

It’s friday the thirteenth so I’m running a one day 13% off sale on prints. It’s less than two weeks till Christmas so order now if you want to give a print as a gift.

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Dec 13 2013 LEGO Star Wars Advent calendar

Today’s Advent gift is another Battle Droid. Like I said last year if they are going to use the calendar for army building use Stormtroopers, or since it winter themed Snowtroopers and Hoth based rebels.  I’m guessing just like in the movies battle droids are cheaper to mass produce. Speaking of Hoth maybe next year Santa Han solo in Hoth gear and Miss Santa Leia. That would be cool. I still want to see Queen Amidala from set #9499 Gungan Sub as a Christmas tree.

santa yoda destorys a battle droidFriday the 13th was unlucky for this Battle droid.

Yoda Vs Battle droids 2012
Yoda Vs Battle Droids 2011

Minion Makeover for Twinkies

You can now turn your Twinkies into Minions with specially marked packages. Look for Despicable Me themed boxes. There are cut out pieces to dress up your Twinkies. once  your Twinkies is dressed up snap and pic and enter a contest. see Hostess cakes for more info.

Dress up your Twinkie™ like a minion! Snap a pic. Upload it to our facebook gallery. Prizes will be given away daily. And one lucky winner will receive a home theater system!