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THE LEGO Movie Minifigs

I found the LEGO Movie minifigs.And unlike the K-mart Medusa I was able to purchase these. There have been spotting of lego movie figs in Target. But I found these at Toys R Us. I got two and used my rewards points.

Panda suit guy is pretty cool. You can id him by feeling for the large head. It’s a sphere with little bumps for ears.

THE LEGO movie mini figures lego-movie-mermaid
Mermaid is found by the tail.

Dec 19 2013 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

Today’s  advent calendar build is a Separatist Shuttle. No Bike for yesterday’s Biker scout.

lego star wars shuttle


LEGO didn’t give him a bike so, the Biker went and found a bike himself.biker_scout