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Minion Surprise At Walmart.

Today for the first time, I spotted Minion Surprise blind bags at Wal-Mart. Until now I’ve only seen them at K-mart or Toys R Us.  Wal-Mart had boxes of them. Of course by now I have all the minions. So it’s not as a big deal as if they had them back in July. But I figured some Minions fans might still be looking. I still need a purple minion and fluffy.
Despicable Me minions
I never found any codes for them. There is a card wrapped each figure.If you can push the figure part way out of the card, you can feel part of the figure.
Look on the back of a bag to see what body parts protrude from each character. Feel for a hand or foot sticking, or maybe a tuff of hair. Tim has a small tuff of hair and a cylindrical body. Dave and Tom’s hands stick out a bit. You can look at the pics and eliminate some of the figures. But a lot of it is guess work.

Minions meet my little pony

Minion collectors do you have any tip for determining what is in the bag?


An opinion on this you have? Pleased to hear it I will be.

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