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Minion Surprise At Walmart.

Today for the first time, I spotted Minion Surprise blind bags at Wal-Mart. Until now I’ve only seen them at K-mart or Toys R Us.  Wal-Mart had boxes of them. Of course by now I have all the minions. So it’s not as a big deal as if they had them back in July. But I figured some Minions fans might still be looking. I still need a purple minion and fluffy.
Despicable Me minions
I never found any codes for them. There is a card wrapped each figure.If you can push the figure part way out of the card, you can feel part of the figure.
Look on the back of a bag to see what body parts protrude from each character. Feel for a hand or foot sticking, or maybe a tuff of hair. Tim has a small tuff of hair and a cylindrical body. Dave and Tom’s hands stick out a bit. You can look at the pics and eliminate some of the figures. But a lot of it is guess work.

Minions meet my little pony

Minion collectors do you have any tip for determining what is in the bag?


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