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Zero to Hero Challenge Day 6

Today’s Assignment: publish a post that includes a new-to-you element.

Today challenge is to add a new element to the blog. Basicially to expand my range of tools I can add to a post. This is a photoblog so adding an image is nothing new. I’ve posted several videos to the blog as well.

One thing I’ve never done is post a tweet to Yoda Archives. I use twitter. My post are published to twitter. But I’ve never took a tweet and posted it to the blog. I never knew how till I read the WordPress tutorial on twitter embeds.

Here are a few tweets from people I follow.

Another LEGO Photographer

A writer and a Kickstarter project.

And A tweet about a Agents of Shield live tweet event tonight.

Adding Tweets is a pretty easy process. I will incorporate my  tweets in to this  blog. This tweet was automatically generated by Publicize from my end of the year post.