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Avengers vs X-men in LEGO

lego thor lego storm minifigs fight

Tempest is a custom fig from EclipseGrafx. She has a dual printed head a pad printed torso, custom cape from CapeMaddness, and custom hair from Arealight. Love the hair. I’ll have another image of her soon. This is one awesome figure.

I tried to shoot this a few days ago when I shot the updated green guy, blue box photo. But I was missing an accessory, Mjölnir. I can’t shoot a Thor battle scene without Thor’s Hammer.  It wasn’t with Thor,  in the superhero minifig box, or around the studio light box. After looking I while I decided to do test shots and get the figures positioned.
I did the test images and left to process the green guy, blue box. I processed the Yoda image plus another Storm minifig image. I posted Yoda, and it was time to leave the office. That Night I decide I’m going to search my file and see the Last time I used Mjölnir. As soon as I sat down, I remembered. I checked my figs and it was right there. Still posed in a figure’s hand. I don’t know how many time I looked over it. The lesson kids is put your toys up.

Who would win?

State your case in the comments.

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