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Coming soon new LEGO shirt from ShirtPunch

I love to share new LEGO themed shirt. This time I actually have a preview. This design is coming soon to ShirtPunch. It is in honor of the March 9th premiere of the new COSMOS. The new version is helmed by Neil deGrasse Tyson. The original COSMOS was hosted by Carl Sagan and aired in 1980.  ‘Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey’ will premiere March 9th 9PM ET/PT on the various FOX and National Geographic channels.
A released date for the LEGO COSMOS shirt has nor been announced but I’ll be sure to post it here. The artist is Pacalin.
LEGO Neil deGrasse Tyson  and Carl Sagan

Martin Manhunter in March

martian manhunter mini figGet Martin Manhunter will be given out with a $75 purchase at the LEGO store or Shop. Lego starting tomorrow.


On a blog note I am very close to doubling my traffic from this month last year.

Godzilla Tv spot


Hulk Smash


Target Seasonal aisle

Target is filling their seasonal aisle with Easter merchandise. Among the baskets suffers they have a few cool toys. I saw a LEGO polybag car. They had Hex Bugs in Easter eggs. The nano bugs even had bunny ears. They looked like the head band ears that some people wear at Easter. I think they are removable. Other toys include Disney princess items, 3d Dinosaur puzzles, and some Best Lock set. The best lock sets were Stargate and Rescue themes.


Affiliate post: Muppets Avengers mash ups

At TeeFury February 25th only!


If you like this shirt remember to use the links in this post. TeeFury is an affiliate site. Sales made through these links help support this site.

Dungeon & Dragons Kreon Warriors

KRE-O now has Dungeon and Dragon building sets and mini figs. The Kreons are sold on blister cards and not in blind bags with a small vignette for the character.  The KRE-O site list army building packs for $2.49. I did not see these in store. What I did see were the Kreon sets and some of the larger sets.

I picked up a Drizzt set because it’s Drizzt! He comes with his scimitars, a bow, and a tree. The figure has detail on his torso and legs. The elf ears are molded with the hair pieces. The cloak has three tabs with neck holes. I like the way it makes the cloak drape over his shoulders. There are two display base included as well a typical KRE-O block and a flat round base.  I prefer the round one but guess they included the block for constancy with other Kreons.  There’s also a card with character stats. This sets was $3.99 for 22 pieces.

drowI will look for the army builder bags and may get some if I see any interesting minis.  The KRE-O page won’t let me zoom in to see what all figures are available. It looks like they have the basic character classes and some monsters. KRE-O blind bags are usually coded with numbers so you can tell what character you are getting. Until the list is published online, avoid duplicates by looking for numbers on the bags and making sure you don’t get duplicate ones.

Look for them at places that carry KRE-O  sets. I tried the where to buy feature but think it just list where Hasbro stuff  is sold. Every store listed said call store foe availability.
See sets and figures at Dungeon & Dragons KRE-O.

Kre-o dungeons and dragons

So do you plan on adding any of these to your collection?

Affiliate post: Lego shirt We can build it!

At TeeFury February 21 st only!  Wyldstyle meets Rosie the Riveter in We can build it! by Drew Wise for $11 each. Offered in Navy, Black, or purple. Check out cool side art for other possible designs.

Plus you can enter to win a print of We can build it!


If you like this shirt remember to use the links in this post. TeeFury is an affiliate site. Sales made through these links help support this site.


Guess what day it is.


LEGOlize your pictures

Ronald Hagenstein has created a free PSD file to LEGOlize your images. And the file is free! To use you download the PSD file, then open it in Photoshop. Drag your image into the file. make sure the new image is just above the layer titles REPLACE IMAGE. Then run a Mosaic filter on your image. Filter>Pixelate>Mosaic. He used Cell size 73 in his example.
That’s it. The LEGO logo and stud layers are already set. Download the file here.
have fun.
Here’s a couple of mine. Jungle boy from a previous post. and The riddle from a Convention.