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Archive for March 4, 2014

Spider-man is here.

Tiny Spidey joins the team. I got this tiny Spider-man in an Spider-Man Choco egg at the Dollar Tree. It’s an egg with some kind of random Spider-Man item in it. There are figures,  3D puzzles, and stickers. I saw them last year at Target. I got stickers then, this time a mini spidey.

They are made by Choco Treasure and are like Kinder Eggs and Wonder balls. These surprise eggs are legal in the US. You can read their site to see why these are legal and not Kinder or wonder eggs but the short version is the toys are larger and not a choking hazard.

tiny-spidey2You can see the toys at Choco They list 12 toys but not the stickers so there are other items in the eggs.