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Doctor Who project reaches 10,000 supporters on LEGO CUUSOO

GlenBricker’s Doctor Who project has just reached the 10,000 supporters level at LEGO CUUSOO!


It took less than a month for the project to hit the mark after LEGO changed their licensing requirements and opened the door to a possible Official LEGO Doctor Who set. The milestone vote was made early this morning and there is not yet an official 10,000 supporters comment from LEGO, but it does have that 10,000 banner!



No guarantee it will ever me made into a set but now there is a chance. This Doctor Who project now enters the review stage  for consideration on possibly being made into a set. It will be in the first review period of 2014. Which is open till May 2014. By the number of Doctor Who projects on CUUSOO now there might be other time lord projects up for consideration by then.

Congratulations to GlenBricker!


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