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Maybe The LEGO Movie will help bring back the western theme.



I don’t know about you, but I think LEGO needs to bring back some of they’re old LEGO System sets.

Like the old Cowboy & Indians, Pirates, LEGO Studio, est.

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One Word Photo Challenge: Red

I’ve joined Jennifer Nichole Wells’s One Word Photo Challenge. It’s a new Photo challenge based on a new word each Tuesday. She has listed her weekly word until June. The first leg of the challenge is based on color and this week’s color is Red.

“What Can I photograph for Red? Have any red flowers sprouted yet? No. Is it decent weather today? Better than yesterday, but still no red flowers here. There’s a few purple flowers poking up out of all the brownness in the yard. but purple was last week. Plus it’s still a little cold outside.  What’s inside I can shoot? Candy Hearts! Anything special I can do with them?

LEGO Deadpool makes everything special!

LEGO Deadpool in red hots

Shot in the studio with 1/2 off valentines candy in a Christmas candy jar. Why were red hots so hard to find this year? I couldn’t find Ferrara or Brach hearts anywhere. Valentine Cinnamon Imperials where are you?

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