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Blogging 201

I signed up for wordpress Blogging 201 challenge. It just happened to start on one of my busiest work weeks. So I’m behind.

Day One: set three goals.

I don’t remember if I’ve posted these before but here are my 2014 blog goals and where I am in them.

  1. Each month beat 2013 traffic for the same month.
    For the first three months of the year I have made that goal. I’m trending to make that goal for April as well. I more than doubled my visits for Feb 2014 verses Feb 2013. But last year February was one of my slowest months.
  2. Increase my community by increasing followers and feedback.
    I have gained followers here, on twitter, and tumblr. But I’ve not gotten as much feedback as I had hoped.
  3. Develop a regular feature. I had considered new comic Wednesday, with a new hero theme comic on the day comic books are released or a Mythic Monday feature focusing on Mythic creatures.
    I have still not managed to do this. I am  going to get this done this spring.
  4. Learn more web developement skills.
    I am taking some coding courses now. I have yet to use the new knowledge here but I will soon.


Day Two: Audit my Brand.

Short answer to this I need to streamlined my blog’s look. I want the main blog’s  color scheme and feel to be shared with my social media sites as well. That’s part of the reason I’m taking the coding courses mention above.

Day Three: You got the look.

Test out themes and looks. I’ve tried different themes before. My conclusion was I was happy with my current one. But now that I know more CSS, I will attempt changes.  But I’ve got to get some rest first.



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