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Blogging 201 days four-six

Day Four: Get Read All Over
The goal was to make the blog mobile friendly. I’ve already used Appearance > Mobile > “Enable mobile theme”. The preview really doesn’t help it just shows a small window for the phone preview. I have scroll around to see the page. It should have readjusted to fit the screen. And possibly changed to the Minileven theme with a white background. It looks fine on my tablet.
If you are viewing on a smart phone how does the site look?

Day Five: Give them what they want.
Conduct a short and simple stats analysis that will help you create an editorial calendar for the next 30 days. I responded to this in the main thread. After reviewing my stats I finally have chosen my regular features. Now I need to create them. Long work week plus finally decent weather has kept me from making new pictures. We will have a garden this year.

Day Six: Drive Traffic to my Archives
I keep a list of my most popular posts on my about page . I have a similar list on my sidebar that also includes a few of my personal favorites. Today I updated both. There has been a slight change since the start of the year.
I use the top post widget to show off my most liked posts. I make use of the related posts feature as well.

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