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Deadpool has a new buddy

LEGO Deadpool has boboDeadpool has a new bestie named Bobo.

Bonus comic, we’ve all been there.

I have a bonus comic today. The idea for this one came up while I was working on the “What’s in the bag?” page. The page needed more images. What figure do I have that would search bags? a cop of course. I thought about using Chief Wiggum but he’s not intimidating.  I’ve made a few minor changes to the What’s in the bag page, just rearranging a few things. See the link at the top of the blog.

Bad cop wants to know what is in the blindbag. check this page for tips and link for lego and other blind bag toys.

Welcome to Sector 7G

MR Burns meets the minions
The Springfield Nuclear Power Plant has new drones.. I mean workers, the minions. How will minions do in a Power Plant? I’m glad I’m not near there.

May is wrapping up and it’s been a busy month. I’ve spent the weekends vending at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival. It was a great year at faire best weather in a long time. And the crowds were awesome.
For the first time I have collected an entire series of LEGO minifigs. And I bought them using the feel guides listed on the What’s in the bag page. So many thanks, to everyone that creates these guides. I made a couple of mistakes guessing. But that was mainly when I did not take enough time to verify by identifying two different accessories. I plan to use every figure in my toy photography. So far I’ve posted pics with Bart, Milhouse, Marge and now Mr Burns. I’m processing one with Lisa right now. Plus making use of a Simpsons accessory on friday’s post so look forward to that.

Good luck if you are still searching.

Also May has been a great month for traffic. It’s my busiest May on record and busiest month so far this year. So thank you for all the support.

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

New game this fall.

Best Gift Ever!

You’ll never be this awesome.

LEGO Deadpool palying bagpipes in a kilt

You may be cool but you’ll never be as awesome as Deadpool playing the bagpipes.

Affiliate post: Doctor Comic shirt

At TeeFury  Monday May 19th only! The Doctor and Batman mash up. Doctor Comic by harebrained. $11 choose between Navy, Black, or Dark Chocolate. Plus free Time Lord sticker with purchase.

doctor who and batman 1399660940_t-MCO-Comic_promo

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Yesterday I continued my streak of beating last year’s traffic numbers.

umm That ain’t me kid.

milhouse meets cyclopsMilhouse wants an autograph.

Return of Bartzilla!

lego bart simpson as godzilla

Bartzilla is back!

On No There’s goes Springfield, go go Bartzilla!

LEGO bart simpson dressed as Godzilla

The new Godzilla movie is just a few days away and every one wants to attend.  Inspired by Burger King Simpsons toy.