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Archive for June 1, 2014

Munchkin Bricks Kickstarter Spyke’s Helmet unlocked.

Crazy Brick’s newest Kickstarter project has reached it third stretch goal Syke’s helmet. Crazy Bricks maker of mini fig skulls and pig vs cows figures has a new kickstarter, Muchkin Bricks. Muchnkin is a card game by Steve Jackson games.
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  Munchkin Bricks takes your favorite Munchkin card game weapons and iconic items and turns then into real-life stuff!

They fit your favorite miniature figures like LEGO®, Kre-O®, Kubrick®, Character Building®, Si-Dan® and Friends®.

These high-quality injection molded collectibles are fully licensed from Steve Jackson Games and are ready to add fun to your gaming experience and brick characters.

munchkin bricks

Crazy Bricks

I backed this project and am looking forward to the bricks. I missed their skulls project but will order some for my collection soon.