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Nerd Block

Nerd Block is a monthly subscription service for geeks and nerds! Every month, subscribers will receive a package containing a t-shirt and 4-6 toys and collectables! You pick the shirt size and then get various surprise items. I just signed up for the June box. It is a double shirt month so instead of one geek shirt there will be two in the box. Plus they announced there will be a Doctor Who item as well. I’m hoping for some cool figure we’ll find out together I’ll make a post of my box later in the month.


Nerd block is related to shirt punch so I hoping the shirts will be the same quality. I am part of both site’s affiliate programs.

Nerd block classic 19.99 Plus shipping 9.50 US
Nerd block jr boys (ages 6-11) $13.99 plus shipping ~6
Nerd block jr girls (ages 6-11) $13.99
Horror block 19.99 19.99 Plus shipping 9.50 US

10373743_10154192458465032_3583451516956326140_n NerdBlock-DoctorWho-Promo

Subscriptions for June’s box end on Friday.  If you sign up after friday you’ll get a box in July.



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  1. Cool!


    June 10, 2014 at 10:54 pm

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