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Archive for June 20, 2014

New Stuff soon.

Today was a busy day. Unfortunately it was the bad kind of busy. I had planned to photograph some figures and work on the blog today. So photograph were taken but that’s as far as I got. My car tags were stolen plus it was car tag renewal time. I had to spend part of the day getting emissions tested and then renewing and replacing the tag. The tags were due any way but that added extra money to my bill. At least it was quick going at the Clerk’s office.

I had to get up early to mow before the heat and storm hit. The yard was mowed and then it was tag time. I grab some lunch and rested a bit. Then I finally got to shoot a new figure and write a couple of comics. I was all set to processes the images, then the storm hit. I shut down the computer right before the power went out.

The power was only out for a few minutes but the storm lasted much longer. The storm ripped a couple of branches off a tree.  I had to climb a ladder and remove the last stubborn bit of branch the was still clinging to the tree. So I haven’t processed today’s shoots. I doubt I’ll get much up this weekend. So hopefully Monday there be a new one panel comic or maybe even a review.

Can you guess what this is?

You’ll see it in a few days.