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Nerd Block July Unboxing: ComicCon Edition

It’s Nerd Block Time! They call it comic con in a box and this month they really mean it. Timed to arrive just before Comic Con this week they included an actual Comic Con item but more on that later.

What is Nerd Block?

Nerd Block is a monthly subscription service for geeks. Every month, subscribers will receive a package containing a t-shirt and 4-6 toys or collectables. You pick the shirt size but the design and toys are unknown.

So What’s in the Box?

First up is Star Wars Insider  The magazine focused on Star Wars. I used to get this but let my subscription lapse since there were no new movies planned. Now that Disney is producing more films maybe it’s time to renew. The Cover article is Jeffery Brown’s Darth books. These are cool books I have Darth Vader Father and Son book. I love it. Star Wars Insider retails for $7.99. This is the first of two Star Wars items this month.


NERF Zombie Strike Ricochet ($7.99) Read about it in Nerf Wika. They give it a retail of $7.99. It is neat. Too big for my son to use. I could use it as a costume accessory. If I get finish my steam punk outfit.  Here’s a picture of how others have painted NERF guns for costume uses.



The shirt is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles design. Turtles are awesome I will wear this one. Retail ~$11.00TMNT_shirt

The second Star Wars item is a deformed plush vehicle. I got the Millennium Falcon. Their postcard also showed an AT-AT and an X-wing. Any of them would have be cool but I’m glad I got my favorite ship.


The Comic Con tie-in is a DVD of Comic-Com IV A Fan’s hope. It is a documentary on Comic Con. I haven’t watched it yet.I hope it is entertaining.  It has interviews with Stan Lee and Joss Whedon. Which partly explains how Nerd Block tied them into this month the other reason, the dvd included a PVC figure of Stan Lee and Harry Knowles of Ain’t It Cool News. Others sets had Joss whedon and the Morgan Spurlock, who directed the documentary.

I found a little history on the figures. NECA had them a while back and there were only 20,000 of the figures made.

In review some cool stuff this month. A Star Wars magazine, A NERF gun, a plush Millennium Falcon, A cool TMNT shirt, and a DVD with a Stan Lee figure.


Spoiler alert! If you get a box don’t read the shipping label. There is a mini invoice on it that tells whats inside. It’s vague but may reveal more than you want to know.

Do you enjoy this review? Any questions. I’m considering reviewing the Nerd Block as a monthly feature.

Interested in a box?

Nerd block classic 19.99 Plus shipping 9.50 US plus a border fee exchange fee of .27.
Nerd block jr boys (ages 6-11) $13.99 plus shipping
Nerd block jr girls (ages 6-11) $13.99

Horror block 19.99 Plus shipping 9.50 US, The Horror block ships on the 25th of the month You must order by then to get the box. This month they said it will include an Aliens item.


I am part of Nerd Block affiliate program.



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