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More Minion Surprise Figures!

Yesterday I posted a pic of a Minion Maid mini figure. It is part of a ten piece Toys R US set. These are new Despicable Me figures. I did a little research and found out there are more minion surprise figures!

minion surprise blind bags

Here are the blind bags figures that were released last year. They were sold in random blind bags for $2.99 each. Last summer I could only find them at K-mart and Toys R Us. Once the Despicable Me 2 DVD came out more stores had them but by then the price increased to $3.99.  I never found a code for the blind bags.

blind bag minionsToy R US 2013 boxed set. Still listed online. You can see it has all of the first series of blind bag characters except for Carl, Lucy, Eduardo and Antonio. The set was $19.99.

  • Age: 4+;
  • Highly detailed collectible figures with display stands
  • Including The Minions – Dave, Tom, Stuart, Tim and Carl; The Girls – Margo, Edith and Agnes; Gru, Dr. Nefario, Lucy, Eduardo and Antonio, Unicorn.
  • Each sold separately in a foil bag.
  • New Figures coming soon!
  • Release August 1, 2014

This is what I found on Thinkway toys web site. The text is the same as from last year. The only change is they added “New Figures coming soon!” and “Release August 1, 2014” The first was last Friday. I have not seen the bags in store yet. I found the 2014 TRU Minion Made boxed set in late July. I didn’t know there were new bags on the way.


And here is the thinkway Minion Surprise current picture. There are twenty figures in this shot some old and some new. There’s a mix of 2013 and 2014 figures I broke them down into the table below. I called them  series 1 and 2 for sake of ease. I haven’t seen the bags yet. I hope the older ones are not mixed with the newer ones  in the blind bags. I will let you know once I find them in store.


Series 1 Series 2
  1. Dave
  2. Tom (kicking, 2 eyes)*
  3. Stuart w/ purple frosted cupcake
  4. Tim*
  5. Carl*
  6. Margo
  7. Edith
  8. Agnes*
  9. Gru
  10. Eduardo*
  11. Lucy
  12. Dr. Nefario
  13. Antonio
  14. Unicorn
  15. Purple Minion (not pictured)
  1. Minion Maid
  2. Minion Kicking (not in boxed set, 1 eye)
  3. Minion with minion cupcake
  4. Tim (new gun)
  5. Jerry
  6. Worker
  7. Purple Minion
  8. Bedtime Agnes
  9. Young Gru
  10. El Macho
  11. Fireman
* not pictured in group shot, replaced by newer version?

Has anyone seen the new blind bags yet?

UPDATE: I checked wal-mart they only had series 1.

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The maid Minion came from a new Toys R Us set. I’ll have a new post on that set later today.

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