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Minion Surprise Figures Update

I previously posted about new Minion Surprise blind foil bags. At that point I had not found the new bags in store. Well I finally found them at Toys R Us. from the  image on thinkway’s site, I was worried the new and old figures might be mixed in the bags. They are not. The new ones are labeled as Despicable Me Minion Made, Minion Surprise.

There are eleven figures pictured on the bag and checklist card. See the Minion Made list below. All these but the kicking minion are in the Toys R us Boxed set. The box set is $19.99 and the bags are $2.99 at Toys R Us. I do not see any cheat code for these.  The bags have the same  code, D62504 stamped on the bottom of each bag. The figure is packaged in a way that makes it hard to use the feel method to determine what minion is in the bag.

Series 1 Minion Made
  1. Dave
  2. Tom (kicking, 2 eyes)*
  3. Stuart w/ purple frosted cupcake
  4. Tim*
  5. Carl*
  6. Margo
  7. Edith
  8. Agnes*
  9. Gru
  10. Eduardo*
  11. Lucy
  12. Dr. Nefario
  13. Antonio
  14. Unicorn
  15. Purple Minion (not pictured above, not pictured on initial release.)
  1. Minion Maid
  2. Minion Kicking (not in boxed set, 1 eye)
  3. Minion with minion cupcake
  4. Tim (new gun)
  5. Jerry
  6. Worker
  7. Purple Minion
  8. Bedtime Agnes
  9. Young Gru
  10. El Macho
  11. Fireman
* not pictured in group shot, replaced by newer version?


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