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LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer

The Force Awakens trailer has only been out a day but someone has already recreated it in LEGO.


EDIT A second LEGO version of the trailer.


And speaking of Star Wars and LEGO Monday I start blogging the annual advent calendar with Santa Darth Vader.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer

Weekend sale

This weekend pick up some art for the Geek on your list. Use the code SmallBiz to save 20% on prints in My Storenvy shop. Code good till 11:59 PM Monday night.

Creations for Charity 2014

The LEGO Car Blog just reminder me about a great program. Since 2009  Creations for Charity has run an annual fundraiser for underprivileged children. LEGO builders create custom items from bricks, minifigs and MOCs. They donate the items to C4C, which sells them to buy LEGO sets for children. You can even have a custom project built for yourself.

The Creations for Charity brick link store opens on October 15 and closes on November 30th. There are just a few days to pick up a custom item. I’ve messed up the past couple years and missed the deadline. I just place my first purchase and feel happy about it. If you are looking for something special for the LEGO fans on your list check them out.

According to a November 24 post, they’ve already raised over $6,000 this year. At that point there was a week left in the fund raising drive. Now it’s just the holiday weekend left. I hope they break their record this year.



On Saturday the 29th C4C is joining Beyond the Brick for a 24 hour live stream. From 5pm EST 11/28 through 5pm 11/29, tune in for a full day fun and building with Lego fans from the online community on Google Hangout. “We will be raising money together for this year’s Creations for Charity through a pledge system. For each hour spent on the stream, anyone can pledge to donate a certain amount to the fundraiser. The LEGO Group has pledged to donate a Lego set for every man-hour on air!”

This is a great fundraiser. Help if you can purchase an item for a LEGO fan, pledge and watch the stream and feel good about helping.

Please share and reblog this post to help get the word out.




Newest Disney Marvel Crossover

Buzz looks for a new ally but Rex has concerns.

LEGO Captain MArvel meet Rex and LEGO Buzz lightyear

This might be Buzz Lightyear first apperance on the blog. Captain Marvel is a custom fig from buygofig, And Rex had been hiding in my office for years.


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Autobloks is back

Ript Apparel has one of my favorite tee shirt designs today, Autoblocks. If you missed it before grab it today. You can also grab walking Bricks  and an Avengers themed rock’em Socke’em robots shirt.




Store Update

Store Envy which hosts my online store has just started taking a percentage of any sales from my marketplace store. Not only on the product price but also on shipping. It is similar to how ebay works for each market place sale they take tenth of each sale. That’s on top of what PayPal takes for each sale.  So roughly 13% of each sale gets diverted to someone else. The main problem I have is that they didn’t give notice that they were going to do this. So I don’t know if I should pull items from the marketplace or just take less for my prints.  I won’t make any changes till after Cyber Monday.


So if you are interested  in my prints buy direct from my custom store (black background) and not the market place(white background).  The way Storenvy is set up so everyone on has their own custom store. They can customize the store appearance however they want. Only their products appear in their store. Then there is the Marketplace. It has a standard look and everyone that wants can place their products in here. A customer can but prints from one store and gloves from another in one transaction. Customers can shop for one thing but find something completely different in the market place.

If you plan on buying anything from Storenvy look for the sellers Custom Store so they get more of the sale. These stores are independent businesses and in these times the small shop owner needs all the help they can get. Once again if you want any prints this holiday season buy here direct from my custom store or use the links in the sidebar.

Remember to shop small, and local this weekend.

Vintage inspirted 92 card back shirt at Tee fury

Tee Fury has two Star Wars shirts today.

No One’s Slave features a pin-up version of Princess Leia in the metal bikini, a beautiful drawing of Leia. But the one fans of this blog may find interesting is 92 Card Back which is inspired by the vintage Kenner line.  It is designed after the figure card backs which showed all the figures in the toy line.

leia as a pin up


vintage star wars card backs

A close up of the figures. You can see more at Tee-fury.


Tee-fury now has shoes and geeky “ugly sweater” sweatshirts. Scroll down their site to see.

LEGO Christmas Ad.

Kickstarter Project Versa Bricks connects LEGO, Hot Wheels, and K’Nex blocks

Versa Bricks are the brain child of Jerry Schutt of Ohio. Like many of us as a child he would  play with LEGO and Hot Wheels. He wanted to play with the two together and use bricks to build ramps for the cars.  But the ramps were didn’t work as he planned.  Fast forward to today. with his background in engineering,  computer  modeling software,  3D printers for prototypes, and his family, Versa Bricks can be a reality.



Jerry has launched a Kickstarter Project to fund Versa Bricks. There are six different Versa Brick blocks designed to connect LEGO, Hot Wheels, and K’nex toys. A seventh brick that would connect HO scale train track tracks is an unlockable stretch goal.  The bricks will be red. They will be made of ABS material. The funding period opened on October 13  and ends on December 1, that’s just a week away. The Versa Bricks are projected to be delivered in March of next year.

The rewards that are offered include sets of Vera Bricks, the more you donate the more bricks you get, a key chain and holder set made from the versa Bricks, and a Desktop ramp that included a car and a minifig. Certain level s of donations get a bricks in a mystery color.  The biggest donors can attend a build party in Whitehouse, Ohio, where they’ll build a massive creation using Versa Bricks, LEGO, K’Nex and hot wheels.




65eca28a3d3b0782034e1775c5cf4e62_large 810db7378c1913f7bda37510ffe67d06_large

Funding period: Oct 13 2014 – Dec 1 2014 (48 days)
Estimated Delivery: March 2015

This is a pretty cool project. I wish them luck and hope to see these next spring.

Versa Bricks

Twitter @versabrick

Bricks of the Mouse Guard Kickstarter

Crazy Bricks is about to wrap up another Kickstarter project. This time they are doing the Mouse Guard. Mouse Guard is a graphic novel series by David Petersen. I have not read the series but the artwork is beautiful.


 In Mouse Guard, mice struggle to live safely and prosper among all of the world’s harsh conditions and predators. Thus the Mouse Guard was formed. They are not simply soldiers that fight off intruders; rather, they are guides for common mice looking to journey without confrontation from one hidden mouse village to another.


The sets will include various mouse heads and character accessories. The head colors are tan, grey, reddish-brown, and dark brown. The accessories are two styles of flagons, a cool axe, a lantern on a staff, and a sword. I really like the looks of these flagons. I want to get a bunch of these for my minifigs when they are released next year.

Each accessories set comes in your choice of one of three colors – Gun-Metal Grey, Brown,  or Gold 


Stretch Goals

They already have added some pre stretch goal items. Each set will include a bonus black mouse head and a stove pipe hat. They hit the first stretch goal bonus, an extra flagon. The next goal in another bonus flagon. AT $25,000 they add a random item, And if they hit $30,000 they plan for add ons.

1. We’ve teamed up with the artists at BrickArms, CitizenBrick and Cape Madness to produce fully-realized custom Mouse Guard Minifigures of your favorite Mouse Guard Heroes!  These will include pad-printed custom torsos, limited-edition colored weapons, Hero length capes, 10th Anniversary Mouse Guard packaging and more!

2. 1 x 8 Mouse Guard Badge Bricks so you can show your love of the Guard!

3. You can ADD ON additional Crates of the Matriarch!

They have a target date of March 2015 to have the Mouse Guard bricks ready for the tenth anniversary of the Mouse Guard Series. Alice Finch and Washington state based Lego User Group, ARCHLUG plan to build a World of Mouse Guard MOC at Seattle’s Emerald City Comic Con. Alice Finch built Hogwarts Castle out of 400,000 LEGO bricks. She displayed at BrickCon 2012.


The Kickstarter ends late Sunday night. It has already been funded so they stretching for the extra goals. They are less tan 2,000 away from a second bonus tankard in every set.

I supported Crazy Brick’s previous kickstarter event for the Munchkin Bricks. I hope to have those bricks soon. I’ve been looking forward to them for a while.

Crazy Bricks


I Am Groot – In 15 Languages

I Am Groot – In 15 Languages

– Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Blu-ray Featurette Dvd release date dec 9

LEGO Rocket Raccoon at Toys R Us.

The Rocket Raccoon (#5002145) polybag is finally available at Toys R Us in the US. It is not a gift with purchase either you can just buy the Rocket minifigure for $4.99. Rocket is in the red uniform the Guardians wore in the later part of the movie. The set also has a baby Groot figure, and some alternative stickers for the Milano (#76021) ship.  Previously this figure was part of a ComicCon exclusive set.

rocket raccoon lego 5002145I like this version of Rocket. I almost had him early. I was at a Toys R Us the other day. The bags were hanging on an end cap with a price label. But when I got up front the register wouldn’t allow the cashier to ring it. She called a manager who said they couldn’t sell it till the 16th. He said they weren’t suppose to be out yet and asked where I found it.

I made a trip today to pick it up. I  went the TRU that is closer to home. They didn’t have them on the slaesfloor. Instead they were at the service desk you just have to ask. I’m guessing they kept the there to avoid theft and scalpers. I’ve already seen people posting bags of them online and reselling them. I’m ok if you pick up an extra one or two but really leave some for everybody else.

UPDATE: I checked the TRU that had stocked them early. They had them on the salefloor instead of behind the counter. Also there are some reports that some TRUs are holding them off the floor till this weekend.


Toys R us does have a LEGO Polybag promo this week. Buy $30 or more of LEGO and get a free TMNT mini Shellraiser polybag (#084594). I was able to walk out with spending $30 on LEGO mainly because I couldn’t find Rocket on the floor. One I went up front and got him I didn’t return to the main store.  They also have but one get one 40% on Mega Bloks ‘s, Halo, ans Call of Duty  sets and the McFarland Toys Walking Dead sets.

The Doctor regeneration in LEGO

The GeekxGirls Collection at Tee Fury affiliate post

Tee Fury has teamed up with to bring you 16 designs at $15 each – sale runs until November 18th.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 12.41.04 PM

Check out the GeekxGirls Collection! Hurry, ends November 18th!


Green Coke?


Coca-cola Life is made with stevia and cane sugar.

November Nerd Block subscription ends soon.

Nerd Block subscriptions ends in five days. Here is what we know about November’s block.

Next Time in Nerd Block!

The November block will contain a Boba Fett item, a Batman item, an exclusive shirt, and a chance at a bonus celebrity item. Nerd Block has announce that this month shirt features Deadpool and this is the only place to get the design. As extra incentive one in seven blocks will have an autograph by future Nerd Block curator Bruce Campbell. Sometime in the near future Bruce Campbell will select the items in the nerd block. But this month he’s autographed some cards for some lucky subscribers. So good luck.10_1614_HB_Ann_BruceCampbell_op2BFirst 250 subscribers to use the code HOLIDAY save for 15% off Nerd Block!



Save and Earn Store Credit at Brick Warriors!

Open a new account at Brickwarriors and get $5.00 credit for your next order. If you tell them I referred you, I’ll get credit on a future order.  Brickwarriors makes custom accessories for your LEGO minifigures. They cover several genres including wild west, fantasy, Greek mythology and modern warfare. You may remeber when I used their wings and armor with the Medusa minifig.

lego medusa has wings


We have just slashed prices on dozens of items.  Here are some highlights (all 75 cents or less!)- Brick


Plus for November 5% of all sales go to Toys for Tots!

1)  BrickWarriors has several bricks on sale
2) 5% of all sales this month will go to Toys for Tots!
3) When you check out, write “referred by Chris Jarvis/YodaArchives” in the comments section. We’ll both get credit on a future order.



Store Credit details: 1) Must be a new customer.  2) In order to apply store credit, you must create an account (credit cannot be applied to those who check out as guests).

LEGO Ideas 2014 announcement

LEGO Ideas has announced what their next two projects will be. Watch the video for details or skip under the cut.

Spoilers stop reading

The Doctor has a word for you.

It’s time to set your clocks back. So enjoy the extra sleep from day light savings time.

doctor who action figure


Bloggers if you schedule blogs in advance remember to reset the time on your blog setting. Please share this post on social networks.


What will you do with the extra hour? Sleep? read? play video games?