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Store Update

Store Envy which hosts my online store has just started taking a percentage of any sales from my marketplace store. Not only on the product price but also on shipping. It is similar to how ebay works for each market place sale they take tenth of each sale. That’s on top of what PayPal takes for each sale.  So roughly 13% of each sale gets diverted to someone else. The main problem I have is that they didn’t give notice that they were going to do this. So I don’t know if I should pull items from the marketplace or just take less for my prints.  I won’t make any changes till after Cyber Monday.


So if you are interested  in my prints buy direct from my custom store (black background) and not the market place(white background).  The way Storenvy is set up so everyone on has their own custom store. They can customize the store appearance however they want. Only their products appear in their store. Then there is the Marketplace. It has a standard look and everyone that wants can place their products in here. A customer can but prints from one store and gloves from another in one transaction. Customers can shop for one thing but find something completely different in the market place.

If you plan on buying anything from Storenvy look for the sellers Custom Store so they get more of the sale. These stores are independent businesses and in these times the small shop owner needs all the help they can get. Once again if you want any prints this holiday season buy here direct from my custom store or use the links in the sidebar.

Remember to shop small, and local this weekend.


An opinion on this you have? Pleased to hear it I will be.

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