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A CNN Contributor Wrote That LEGO Kills Creativity In Children…Here Is Our Response.

Well written rebuttal to a CNN post saying LEGO kills creativity.

CNN Contributor, Jake Wallis Simons, recently wrote a opinion piece, Why Is LEGO Ruining Our Kids’ Imagination.  Here is our response.

Hi Jake,

I recently read your opinion piece on CNN about Why LEGO Is Ruining Our Kids’ Imagination.

As an adult who plays with LEGO, an uncle of kids who play with LEGO and as someone who is part of an organization that teaches engineering concepts to kids using LEGO as the primary teaching medium, I completely disagree with you.  In my experience, LEGO continues to expand the imaginations of kids all around the world.

Tablets, TV shows, and video games are constantly competing for a child’s attention. Surrounded by all this technology, we somehow have more children than ever before choosing to play with small pieces of plastic in a pretty similar way to what kids did back in the 1950’s.  I’d consider that a win.


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LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2014 December 5

Today we have the accessory rack for yesterday’s Coco-trooper. He now has his helmet so he can march with his fellow clone troopers.

lego advent calendar