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Series 13 Touch Guide Collection.

The newest batch of minifigs are in stores now. As always I keep a list of feel guides on my What in the Bag? page, but I figured why not just do a new post as well.

Series 13 minifigures

The BrickBlogger series 13 Pictures and details
The Brick Blogger Touch Guide.
Touch Guide the Brick Fan
EuroBrick’s Series 13 Review and Distribution breakdown
Stepping sideways with bricks review and feel guide.

BrickFinder, a Singapore LEGO Fan Group has made an informative touch guide for series 13.

lego series 13 minifig feel guide


The My Mini’s app has a feel guide for every LEGO minifigure series. They update it as new series are released. You can also use it to keep an inventory of your collection.

General Touch guide tips

  • Learn the common parts all figures have. Torso, legs (moveable for most figs, non movable short legs), and a head.
  • You feel for the accessories or body parts that are unique to each figure. sometimes you will need to verify by identify a second part.
  • Take one of the checklists with you to remind you of what items are in the series.
  • Hold the bag by one corner and shake it till the pieces fall to the bottom opposite corner of the bag.
  • Study previous series, A character in the current series might have a similar item as one in a previous series. Ned Flanders has a coffee mug. The computer programmer and gingerbread man has a coffee mug. If you have one of those put the mug in a bag and learn what it feels like.

A Play on Words

Because I had to make the joke.