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Review: Minion Mega Blok figures and sets

I have built my first Minion constructible toy set. The Jelly Lab set has 86 pieces and retails for $9.99. It includes one mini minion.  The set is colorful with several semi-transparent pieces. The theme is a minion jelly factory, there tubes and hoses and a conveyor belt. Some of the parts do not snap into place and grip


The Jelly Lab set with a blind box MinionMega bloks despicable me jelly lab set

The figures look great. They are molded in color with just a little bit of paint for the hair. The goggles, overalls and banana are soft plastic. The goggles really give it personality when they are snapped on to the figure. The legs are hard to snap into place. The arms are a little easier but you have to force them into place.  Mega Bloks says you can mix and match arms and feet but I don’t see that happening much if it’s this hard to snap them into place.megablok_minion


Here is a comaparison of he Mega Blok Minion and the Thinkway toys surprise Minions. I think the MB version have a more accurate color. Plus they can stand unaided.  The eyes are more detailed mega_blok_minion_compare






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